Big windows - pros and cons

Big windows - pros and cons

In this article, we are going to debate big windows. More specifically, we are going to focus on their potential advantages and disadvantages. There is no denial of the fact that big windows look majestic and inspiring. However, we want to look at this topic through a more professional and wider lens. In this blog post, we will showcase both pros and cons of big windows in your home.

Big windows - pros

First, we will mention the most important advantages of installing large windows in a house. The first one of them relates to health. Large windows are known for providing a whole range of health benefits like a bigger amount of natural sunlight in the interior of your home. In addition to comfort and well-being, bright, illuminated interiors also look more aesthetically pleasing. Everyone who visits your home is going to be in awe of your beautifully sunlit home. Furthermore, big windows functionally connect your home with the outside world. They create a natural extension of your house and invite your guests and family members to spend time outside, for example on the terrace or patio. Thanks to such high quantities of sunlight, it will be much easier to heat the house with natural energy. However, you should remember, that if you are going to utilize big windows as a source of natural heat, then they should be placed on the southern side of the house to grab as much light as possible. In general, there is a great aesthetic and well-being value connected to big windows. They are a beautiful decorative element of any house, opening your home to the beauty of nature it is surrounded by. Therefore, many people decide to invest in and incorporated big windows in their living space. They make their houses look much better and seem more spacious. Hence, it should not be surprising that so many people choose to splurge on them.

Big windows - cons

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned a few positive aspects of having big windows in your home. There are however some cons, which should also be mentioned. When considering the idea of reheating rooms with natural solar energy coming in through large windows, one must consider one crucial thing, which is - hot summer days. Depending on which state you live in, that may or may not be an issue. If you don’t consider the climate, then you may be forced to face spending many uncomfortably hot summers in your home. Which will surely be many things, but pleasant. However, if you happen to find yourself in such a situation, there is something that can help - precisely roller shutters. Hence, if you want to have big windows in your home, then we strongly recommend installing them. Depending on where you live, you may also want to consider the severity of winters in your area. Every window, no matter how well insulated, is a partition in the wall through which heat can escape to the outside world. A large window means that a relatively significant amount of heat might escape, thus increasing the costs of heating during the winter months.

Furthermore, many people tend to wonder whether their safety would be at risk, as big windows may attract unwanted “observers”, which definitely is a possibility. Luckily such an issue can also be easily solved. Installing window shutters and blinds will make it impossible for anyone to see inside. Furthermore, if you are concerned about the safety and privacy of yourself and your family, then we invite you to consider anti-burglary solutions like reinforced glass. Such simple solutions are going to increase your safety significantly.


As you can see, there are both pros and cons to big windows. You should take everything that comes with them into account before deciding to feature them in your home. Well-informed customers usually make the best decisions about buying joinery for their homes. We hope, that thanks to our guide, you will have an easier time buying the perfect windows for your home.

One fact worth mentioning is whether you decide on installing smaller on bigger windows in your home, it is always make sure that your construction crew has experience in correct window installation, as no matter how great the quality of the windows is if the installation is not perfect, they will not serve their purpose correctly.

If you’re looking to purchase windows for your home, be sure to browse our offer portfolio. We have a wide range of products of all shapes, sizes, and styles of homes and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

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