Vinyl windows - highest quality at a reasonable price
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Maximum sash area:
Maximum size of fixed glazing (when using a special glass, Maximum area of 7m2 and weight of 250 kg):

Top range with a comprehensive list of benefits

The thermally-efficient innovation

The new standard! Optimum performance in accordance with requirements

A thermally-efficient classic

Vinyl windows have been a solution that has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years among buyers looking for good quality at a reasonable price. This type of window's great advantage is its versatility - vinyl windows will fit well into modern buildings and those classic ones.

Why are our vinyl windows so popular?

Vinyl Windows can be made in many more colors than the typical white or brown. For example, in recent years, gray anthracite has gained great recognition among customers, which looks very good both inside and as an element of the building’s external facade. Additionally, vinyl windows offer a wide range of wood-like veneers and unique colors that allow for precise matching of the woodwork to other house elements. Vinyl windows can also be made in bi-color technology, allowing for different colors from the windows’ outside and inside.

The unquestionable advantage of vinyl windows is also the ease of maintenance and keeping it clean. Vinyl windows are easy to clean and do not require additional painting or specialized maintenance. The durability of the material and simple cleaning and maintenance procedures (especially in the field of fittings and hinges) guarantee long and trouble-free operation, as well as the impeccable appearance of the windows throughout their lifetime.

Vinyl windows have been a solution that has enjoyed unflagging popularity for years.

  • Excellent safety parameters, thermal and acoustic insulation, and thermal transmittance.
  • High quality and durability guaranteed by superior components allow for trouble-free use of windows for years to come. 
  • A wide range of options; classic opening windows, balcony windows, sliding doors, or permanent glazing, as well as a variety of profile thicknesses, number of chambers, or glazing packages.
  • The possibility of matching the windows’ color to individual preferences.
  • Easy to maintain - vinyl windows, apart from standard cleaning and periodic inspection of hardware and hinges, do not require additional care to keep them durable and looking attractive.
  • Attractive price for a functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing product.

Vinyl windows are one of the most frequently chosen types of windows by customers - their popularity is primarily due to the high quality at an attractive price.

Windows of this type also provide high-level insulation and thus reduce building energy costs. An important point is also window accessories that offer safety. Advanced technologies combined with quality materials allow the production of vinyl windows in small and medium sizes as well as manufacture larger dimensions. Our range offers various types of patio sliding doors or non-opening windows (so-called permanent glazing), thanks to which the design of your property can be versatile.

Which DAKO vinyl windows?

  • When requirements of thermal insulation and safety are important to you, consider our flagship series DPQ - 82 thermoSecure. Their excellent thermal performance is ensured by triple-glazing with a thermal edge and insulation inserts, and a hinge with pressure regulation. The security features of these windows are increased by two anti-theft latches, including special double locking, a secure SecuForte handle, and a DFE dual-function element with a handle and sash lift blockade.
  • When looking for an optimal window option, it is worth considering the DPQ-76 series which ensures high functionality of windows and performance parameters at an excellent level, meeting all current construction requirements.
  • The other options of DAKO vinyl windows allow for various profile thickness (70 mm, 73 mm, and 82 mm, respectively) and the number of insulation chambers inside frames (five and seven-chamber windows), and the possibility of choosing glazing options (double-glazed, triple-glazed or special glazing packages offering energy-saving or sound-proofing).

Why should you choose uPVC windows?

Vinyl windows are a very good choice for years to come, which will be perfect for your home. If you are planning to replace your old windows with new ones, you should certainly consider an offer of high-quality windows from the Dako manufactory. They are perfect for garden windows, bay windows, and more.

UPVC windows have many advantages that may convince you that they are the ones you need in your home.

1. Energy efficiency

Thanks to the high quality of the vinyl formula used in production and the special design, vinyl windows will help you take care of your bills. Multi-chambered profiles and good installation allow you to maintain high thermal insulation parameters. As a result, our final product reduces the chance of heat loss in the house and ensures a comfortable temperature in the interiors.

2. Easy maintenance

UPVC windows are effortless to maintain and installation. Due to the material, they are made of, unlike other window materials like wood windows, there is no need for maintenance. Vinyl frames are also very easy cleaning. Most often, mild window care products are recommended for that. However, it is worth checking the condition of the window hardware occasionally and oiling the hinges to prevent them from rusting.

3. Low price and high durability

Thanks to the manufacture of uPVC, our windows are very durable - resistant to weather conditions and all kinds of fungi and insects, and at a very affordable price. The high quality of the product will not only provide protection from contaminants and weathering from the outside but will also be a great fit for your home.

4. Many color variants

A considerable advantage of vinyl windows is that you can choose from literally any color of the frame you want. You can match the window frames to any design options without the slightest problem. Each window manufacturer has a different range of colors, check what colors you can find at DAKO.


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