Practical and functional vinyl doors

Insert panel doors

  • Aesthetic appearance 
    The batch construction of the door provides a perfect visual balance between classic and modern.
  • Easy care and high resistance to damage and weather conditions 
    The PVC material guarantees the failure-free operation of the door for a long time and minimal effort in maintenance activities.
  • Possibility of matching to windows made of the same material 
    The popularity of plastic windows means that customers often decide to buy doors made of the same material in order to create coherent joinery elements.
  • A wide range of colors, veneers, and decors 
    The possibility of choosing from many options of additional equipment allows you to match the door to the character of the building and create a harmonious composition with the surroundings.

Find the perfect model of your door from DAKO's wide range of wood panel doors:

All available door models can be found in the catalog.


Batch doors construction and colors

1 - Frame

2 - Waterproof thermal insulation panel or composite glazing

3 - Sash

4 - Aluminum thermo doorstep

  • dimensions: as per customers' request
  • energy efficient profile DPQ-82 or thermally-efficient profile DPP-70 and DPB-73
  • panel filled with thermal insulation foam
  • 20 mm high aluminum doorstep with a thermal barrier to limit freezing
  • 30 mm transport/mounting widening to reinforce the doorstep structure


Entrance doors made of PVC are a popular solution chosen by customers who value functionality.

The material from which the doors are made, apart from durability and resistance to weather conditions, is also characterized by optimal thermal insulation properties. Insulating foam in combination with an energy-saving profile guarantees warm interiors for the household. An additional advantage is the easy care of the door and keeping it clean without the time-consuming maintenance.

The models created by our designers are distinguished by elegance, modernity, and attention to detail. A wide range of additional equipment allows you to adjust the door to your needs.

The colors of PVC doors and a wide range of wood-like veneers make it possible to perfectly match external doors with windows made of the same material. In addition, the door can be adjusted to individual preferences by selecting elements such as glazing or various decors from a wide selection of accessories.


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