A stylish entrance in an elegant form

Frame-Panel Doors

  • Traditional wooden doors
    A solution that delights with the beauty flowing from nature, ideal for lovers of natural beauty and timeless aesthetics

  • Classic design 
    Perfectly matching rustic projects or complementing more modern investments.

  • A natural raw material that adds uniqueness
    The characteristic and unique pattern of wood makes each door one of a kind.

  • Optimal thermal insulation - the wood from which the doors are made is characterized by optimal thermal insulation parameters, ensuring warm interiors for the household.

  • A rich palette of patterns and finishes 
    Elegant proposals of fine milling or impressive glazing allow you to match the door’s appearance to the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

  • Guarantee of high quality 
    The use of the best raw materials ensures high aesthetic values of the door and it's easy and reliable use.

Find the perfect model of your door from DAKO's wide range of wood panel doors:

Frame-panel doors construction and colors

1 - Waterproof thermal insulation panel or composite glazing

2 - Frame

3 - Sash

4 - Aluminum thermo doorstep

  • dimensions: as per customers' request
  • body depth 68mm, 78mm, and 92mm
  • inward and outward opening


Although frame-panel doors are more often chosen by lovers of traditional style, sometimes they are a non-obvious complement to more modern designs, dominated by minimalism and subdued colors.

Frame and panel doors can successfully break the monochrome character of a building and constitute its interesting distinguishing feature. The natural material from which the door is made has visible grains complemented by transparent varnish and makes the entrance to the house a real showcase. Minimalist milling or sophisticated glazing are examples of a wide range of decorations that can be equipped with frame and panel doors, matching them with other elements of the building body.

External frame and panel doors are made of the highest quality raw materials guaranteeing comfortable operation for years.

The frame and sash are made of selected woods: pine or meranti, which in addition to aesthetic values, guarantee optimal thermal insulation and acoustic parameters, particularly important in the case of buildings located in the vicinity of a busy street. The low U coefficient, determining the thermal transmittance, ensures household members will enjoy warm interiors.

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