Even more advantages in the functional combination of vinyl windows with aluminum cladding

Vinyl-Aluminum Windows

Vinyl windows with aluminum cladding combine the advantages of both materials in one functional product. The windows meet the highest requirements for thermal protection and safety.

The use of aluminum cladding gives the windows a modern and elegant character while maintaining excellent thermal insulation parameters, ease of care, and excellent quality, characteristic of vinyl windows.

Thermal efficiency
U factor*:
Profile name:
Installation depth:
Number of chambers:
Thermal break:
Number of seals:
Glazing package:
Ug value:
Glazing Package Thickness:
Anti-theft protection:
Handle model:
Maximum window width – single sash:
Maximum window height – single sash:
Maximum window width - double sash with a movable post:
Maximum window height – double sash with a movable post:
Maximum sash area:
Maximum size of fixed glazing (when using a special glass, Maximum area of 7m2 and weight of 250 kg):

Vinyl windows paired with aluminum cladding.

Vinyl windows paired with aluminum cladding.

Vinyl windows with aluminum cladding are an excellent option for those looking for modern and functional solutions, with high durability, excellent insulation, and various arrangement possibilities.

The combination of vinyl and aluminum is ideal for the implementation of innovative buildings. The aluminum cladding on the exterior allows for unlimited color options.

The aluminum cladding is joined at the corners at a 90° angle, making the windows look extremely aesthetically pleasing from the outside. Vinyl windows with aluminum cladding are made in the highly energy-efficient and safe DPQ-82 thermoSecure and DPQ-82 systems.


What are the benefits of using vinyl-aluminum windows?

  1. High-quality materials - thanks to the high-quality materials used in the construction of the window, we can be sure that they will have more functionality and will be much more durable and will maintain their appearance longer.
  2. High protection - the unique design of using a PVC frame and aluminum exterior makes aluwood windows more energy efficient than windows made only of PVC.
  3. Style to suit your needs - the exterior cladding made of aluminum allows you to paint them in a countless variety of colors. This is the perfect solution to make this window fit any style of home and room. The configuration of metal components and PVC frames used allows them to be both resistant to the elements and beautiful in appearance.
  4. Maintenance - unlike wood windows, which must be maintained at least once a year according to the manufacturer's recommendations, vinyl-aluminum windows are easier to keep clean and in good condition.
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