Make a grand entrance!

Front Entry Doors

The first impression counts; therefore, when designing DAKO front entry doors, we took into account all of the important functional and aesthetic requirements. We have combined the most advanced technological solutions with the highest quality design and attention to detail to give you a safe, secure, and durable door, but also one that is unique and attractive.

Modern, prestigious front entry doors are available in three material variants: aluminum | wood | PVC.
Wooden doors in a classic style
Functional vinyl doors
Interior and entry doors based on aluminum profiles
Fire protection solutions and functional side garage doors.

Why choose front entry doors from DAKO?

  • Highest level safety guaranteed, conforming to security classes Rc2 and Rc3.
  • Excellent thermal insulation parameters.
  • Durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Attractive and elegant design.
  • A wide range of external door solutions made from aluminum, wood and vinyl.


The front door is one of the key elements of the house.

Front entry doors tailored to the character of your building

The choice of front entry door type is an important decision. The primary considerations are overlay, batch, and frame, and panel doors. Popular at recent international construction and design fairs are  ‘overlay doors.’

They are characterized by having a uniform surface, which gives the door an attractive, modern, and prestigious character. Overlay doors are perfect for current architecture trends, and in the wooden version, they can highlight the advantages of more classical architecture by tactfully breaking from its traditional character with a new edge. 

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