Osłony okienne do domu
Comfortable interior due to window blinds
Osłony okienne DAKO

Window Blinds

A functional element of every window, providing comfort of use.

Various types of textile and pleated blinds effectively protect against excessive solar radiation and guarantee a pleasant shade. During high temperatures outside, prevent excessive heating of the room. Window blinds also provide excellent privacy protection. The interior is the privacy space and guarantees comfort and intimacy.

Mosquito nets allow for comfortable ventilation of rooms without fear of flies or other insects getting inside the house. Simple installation and a large selection of mosquito nets adapted to different types of windows and doors, allows you to tailor the product to your individual needs.

protection against insects in many variants: window, door, pleated
pleated blinds installed in the light of the window pane
Free-hanging material, in cassettes and day/night type
Osłony okienne do domu

DAKO Textile and Pleated Window Blinds

  • high-quality workmanship for an aesthetic appearance
  • several mounting options and various design options ensure high functionality of the blinds
  • a wide selection of fabrics and colors allows you to give products individual character
  • practical window blinds to regulate the amount of light in your rooms
  • a solution to protect the privacy of residents
Moskitiery - osłony DAKO

DAKO Mosquito Nets

  • Protecting the house from annoying insects
  • Protecting the interior from debris such as leaves or flowers
  • The ability to fit the right type of mosquito net to almost any type of Windows or patio door
Osłony okien

The lifestyle of your home


The wealth of different color options, textures and types of fabrics available for use in textile blinds, allows you to match their appearance to the nature of the interiors and the preferences of investors. When choosing interior blinds, think about what kind of decor effect you want and take into account such issues as:

  • shape and size of windows
  • how to open them
  • functions that window blinds should perform,
  • the directions of sunlight that windows are exposed to.

Taking these elements into account will allow you to choose the solution that best suits the needs of your home and your lifestyle.


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