The essence of wood enchanted into premium quality wooden joinery

Wood Windows

Wood has been used in construction for centuries. It is an energy-saving and durable material: it guarantees the longevity of products made from it and ensures their high quality, which will be enjoyed by many generations. DAKO offers several style variants: DDF range with a classic, simple finish and products with the rustic, stylish look of DDR range.

Beautiful, traditional wood windows of excellent quality achieved by a combination of premium materials, manufacturing precision, and craftsmen expertise. They are natural and made of eco-material, uniquely designed, and masterfully finished. The manual precision of sanding and varnishing and quality control at every stage of production makes DAKO wood windows flawless. It also highlights the wood's natural beauty while ensuring its protection for years to come.

Thermal efficiency
U factor*:
Profile name:
Installation depth:
Number of chambers:
Thermal break:
Number of seals:
Glazing package:
Ug value:
Glazing Package Thickness:
Anti-theft protection:
Handle model:
Maximum window width – single sash:
Maximum window height – single sash:
Maximum window width - double sash with a movable post:
Maximum window height – double sash with a movable post:
Maximum sash area:
Maximum size of fixed glazing (when using a special glass, Maximum area of 7m2 and weight of 250 kg):

Classic 68 mm profile finish

Rustic finish 68 mm profile

Classic 78 mm profile finish

Rustic finish 78 mm profile

Classic 92 mm profile finish

Rustic finish 92 mm profile

Unique to DAKO, a contemporary set of windows, doors, gates, and external roller shutters to make your home’s essential elements match magnificently.

The wood used for DAKO wood joinery production is premium quality pine, meranti or spruce.

The carefully selected material undergoes an advanced technological process in our modern machine park managed by qualified experts. DAKO wood windows are protected by a triple-layer varnish, applied by the innovative PowerFeed technology that ensures a supreme shield for the wood and fully enhances the natural material’s aesthetic value. The finish of wood windows includes manual refinement of details necessary to emphasize the timbers' natural charm.

Are you building your dream home and searching for the right windows? Or maybe you are thinking of replacing your current windows with new ones but don't know which will be best for you?

At DAKO we have a wide selection of wood windows that will meet all your expectations!

Wooden windows are versatile and will suit any design style, from traditional to modernist. Their natural look due to the raw materials they are made of will also work perfectly in your interior.

In contrast to aluminum and vinyl windows, wood windows are definitely more energy-efficient windows due to the materials they are made of. High-quality wood and solid manufacture make these windows absorb less heat and cold. These properties result in your savings on heating!


Why you should choose wood windows?

Benefits of wood windows

Eco-friendly and natural

Wood is a naturally occurring raw material. Thanks to the advanced processing of wood in our wood window manufacturer, we bring out the best in it. Each of our windows is created from high-quality, carefully selected wood.

Aesthetic and universal appearance

Wood windows are sure to give your home an extraordinary charm. Aesthetically designed and universal in appearance, they will form a perfectly harmonious whole with virtually any design. During the production process of our windows, we make every effort to ensure that the wood does not lose its unique appearance. Each of our products is finished by hand.

Durable And Energy Efficient

The most important feature of our wooden windows is their durability and energy efficiency. Durability is ensured by our high-class raw materials in the form of pine wood or meranti wood. Thanks to modern technology and a carefully developed process, our windows are also energy efficient. Well-chosen windows will make your house lose much less heat.

How to protect wood windows?

In order for your wood window to last as long as possible, it is good to know how to properly care for them.

Below you will find some useful tips.

To make your wooden windows break as long as possible it is worth knowing how to properly care for them. Below you will find some useful tips:

  1. Clean and care once a year
    Basic activity that will help you keep your windows in good condition. Remember to avoid: Strong detergents, Ammonia, Alcohol, and Acetone.
  2. Repair minor damage regularly
    As a result of use, it is normal for items to get damaged. It is then enough to wipe the place with sandpaper, vacuum thoroughly, and apply 2 coats of opaque paint or frosting color.
  3. Renovation of windows every 3 or 5 years
    You can do it yourself, as with damage repair with sandpaper and paint, or hire professionals to do it.
  4. Regular glass cleaning
    Regular care and glass cleaning will not only make your windows last longer but will also allow more light to come in.
  5. Take care of your window fittings
    Once a year, you should oil all moving parts and places where the parts work together with fitting maintenance oil. This will prevent their damage. The oil is available at all DAKO showrooms.

What does the production process of wooden joinery look like?

It's fascinating! Check how DAKO wood products are created step by step.

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