Rolety tekstylne
Many options for comfort and privacy
Rolety tekstylne

Textile Blinds

  • Textile blinds are practical window blinds that allow you to adjust the amount of light in the rooms
  • Protecting the privacy of home residents
  • Aesthetic appearance guaranteed by high-quality workmanship
  • A wide selection of fabrics and colors to give the interiors an individual character
  • Several mounting options and various design options


in systems: DK-VERA | DK-LUISA

in systems: DK-NINA | DK-IGA | DK-KLARA | DK-ROMA

Rolety tekstylne wewnętrzne od producenta

Textile blinds are practical window dressings. They provide privacy and enhance the aesthetics of any interior when mounted inside living rooms.

An extremely wide range of fabrics for textile blinds, a variety of design options for roller blinds, as well as several options for their installation allows you to perfectly match both colors and designs of roller blinds to the individual character of the interior.