Premium aluminum windows for modern architecture

DAKO aluminum windows

Synonymous with modern style, compatible with contemporary architectural trends.

They are characterized by great durability, and resistance to scratches, moisture, and sunlight. They provide excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and their installation is simple. The advanced technological features ensure energy efficiency, making DAKO aluminum joinery perfect for passive houses. Aluminum windows also mean better security, as they are a hard-to-break through for those unwanted 'guests'. Durable aluminum profiles allow for the construction of impressive glazing surfaces of large sizes, perfectly matching modern family house architecture and larger commercial buildings.

Thermal efficiency
U factor*:
Profile name:
Installation depth:
Number of chambers:
Thermal break:
Number of seals:
Glazing package:
Ug value:
Glazing Package Thickness:
Sound insulation of available glazing:
Anti-theft protection:
Handle model:
Maximum window width – single sash:
Maximum window height – single sash:
Maximum window width - double sash with a movable post:
Maximum window height – double sash with a movable post:
Maximum sash area:
Maximum size of fixed glazing (when using a special glass, Maximum area of 7m2 and weight of 250 kg):

Great possibilities in three system variants: standard (also in the corner option), with hidden sash and fire protection

Broad possibilities of narrow window profiles in aluminum windows.

A universal system with a traditional shape.

More light and design with a concealed sash.

Internal System.

Safety of aluminium balcony windows

Excellent strength parameters, corrosion resistance, the ability to achieve extensive glazing, and unconventional and ultra-modern design make aluminum windows often chosen for residential homes.

DAKO aluminum windows are manufactured using aluminum profile systems of renowned European suppliers, including German Veka. These systems differ in shape, profile thickness, and the possibility of using various glass depths. The aluminum system also allows specialty glazing - energy efficient, sound-proof, anti-theft, and more.

Those looking for modern and elegant window solutions will appreciate that DAKO corner windows allow various arrangement possibilities. Attractive detailing of window frames can be achieved by selecting classic RAL colors, wood-like foils, two colors or structural varnishes, and a wide range of profiles, including recently trendy angular shape profiles, which will accentuate the unique character of any property.

Introducing the extremely functional, elegant, and innovative DAKO DA-90 Thermo window range, with the option of a corner design DA-90 Thermo 90° with an all-glass corner.

Wide corner connectors were removed from the construction of our aluminum windows, thanks to which two glass panes are joined at an angle of 90 degrees. This increases the window's viewing area, allowing more natural light. Glass corner joining is achieved using black glue, which gives a thin black line that adds design character. Tempered glass is used on the outside for maximum comfort and safety.

As the name of the DA-90 Thermo 90° corner windows suggests, they come standard with extremely thermally-efficient triple-pane packages. Excellent thermal insulation is also due to careful sealing and reducing thermal bridges in the structure so that the windows can be used in passive houses. This window option is perfect for ultra-modern architectural projects that use the modern elevation system. The enlarged glass surface of the window, elegant design, great thermal parameters, and fantastic durability and safety are the reasons to choose our aluminum windows.

Are aluminum windows worth considering these days?

When choosing windows for our house or apartment, we consider many factors.

With a choice of wooden, aluminum window, or vinyl window on the market, we should consider what is most important to us in this regard. All these window frames differ in durability, ease of maintenance, and appearance.

Windows made of aluminum will be perfect if we dream of a more unusual window frame. Thanks to the exceptional ductility of the material, windows can be made in any shape and size according to your style. The variety of possibilities shows us that this type of window is suitable for the modern interior of your house and matches the beauty of any room for ex. bathrooms.

Aluminum is also a very light material and at the same time very durable and strong. They can easily withstand all weather conditions, from high cold to strong heat. Through their frame design, aluminum windows have very good heat transfer. Thanks to their lightness, they can easily be used as roof windows and façade windows.

Aluminum windows are also very easy maintenance compared to windows made of other materials. To keep the frame clean, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth. Frames made of aluminum do not deform over time.

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