Doors for special tasks

Doors for special tasks

Safe and certified fire protection solutions and functional side garage doors.

  • Durable aluminum profiles ensure a high degree of safety, reliability, thermal efficiency and failure-free operation for many years.
  • Solid and durable solutions for both single-family houses and public buildings.
  • Aesthetic appearance, which in the case of side garage doors can be matched to the garage door, which ensures that the façade maintains a consistent character.

The material from which the doors are made is the source of their quality, durability and trouble-free operation.

Aluminum is a material that is highly resistant to weather conditions, including temperature fluctuations. Doors made of this material do not deform as a result of high sunlight or the action of water. When choosing aluminum doors, we choose goods that do not require periodic renovation and can serve us unchanged for many years.

Modern, durable and safe solutions in the offer of DAKO specialty doors

A frequent choice of customers who deem quality as the most important.

Safe fire doors and functional and aesthetic side garage doors complement the offer of DAKO external doors with non-standard solutions. We offer special doors that are characterized by high quality, reliable security and high aesthetics tailored to their specificity.


Why should you invest in a good specialty door?

Investing in a good fire door is essential for several important reasons, primarily related to safety and property protection. Moreover, by choosing a door from DAKO, you can be sure that it will match different styles of homes. 

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider investing in high-quality specialty doors:

Fire Safety

Specialty doors are specifically designed and tested to resist the spread of fire and smoke. They help contain the fire to its point of origin, providing occupants with more time to evacuate safely and reducing the risk of injury or death in the event of a fire.

Property Protection

Fire doors can prevent or minimize fire damage to your property. They can contain the fire within a certain area, limiting the extent of structural damage and reducing repair or replacement costs.

Maintaining Escape Routes

Fire doors are typically used in exit routes and stairwells, ensuring escape routes remain clear and accessible during a fire. This is crucial for a quick and safe evacuation.

Enhanced Fire Resistance

Fire doors are made from materials designed to resist high temperatures. They can withstand fire for a specified duration, allowing more time for firefighters to arrive and control the situation.

Reduced Smoke Inhalation

Specialty doors not only block flames but also limit the passage of smoke thanks to exact specifications. This can be critical as smoke inhalation is a leading cause of fire-related deaths.

Long-Term Investment

High-quality fire doors are durable and built to last. They require minimal maintenance and can provide fire protection for many years, making them a worthwhile long-term investment. Explore the offer specialty doors from DAKO that come in different styles, perfect for your home, and find options that suit you best.

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