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We need to feel safe and comfortable in our own home. When we return to our own home after a long day at work, we want to be able to fully relax. Unfortunately, confined development or close proximity to the street can cause discomfort to residents, due to the unsolicited gaze of passers-by. Such was the problem faced by the owners of two detached houses in Belgium. The solution to this problem was the selection of appropriate DAKO joinery.

  • The first impression is extremely important. In the first case, the investors opted for a front door with an impressive top and side fanlights. The glazing around the entrance door was made of frosted glass with geometric patterns. The owners of the second building also opted for a similar solution. Apart from their typically practical purpose – illuminating vestibules – large fanlights also have a decorative function – they complete the appearance of building façades and give them an individual character.
  • The residents of one of the houses opted for a panel front door made of aluminium, ZOLA model. It is characterised by a simple design with horizontal millings on the outside. The classic design is contrasted by geometric decorations in stainless steel and a vertical handle made of the same material. An aluminium panel door was also installed in the second building. However, in this case the owners opted for the minimalist design of the TIRANO model. The stainless steel handle is the distinguishing element against the smooth panel.
  • PVC windows from the DPP-70 series were installed in both buildings. In addition to protecting the house from the eyes of outsiders, the owners also wished to reduce the noise from outside. Optimal parameters of acoustic insulation of windows from the DPP-70 series ensure tranquillity for the residents. In addition, all windows are equipped with external roller blinds. In the first building, they are completely invisible, as they are hidden under the façade. The structural potential of the second building did not allow for a similar solution. Therefore, the owners decided to install DK-RZO external façade roller blinds.
  • Thanks to HST terrace doors, the residents of both houses have access to the garden. The lift and slide door provides easy operation and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation parameters. The glazing in the terrace doors in one of the buildings was also partially made with frosted glass.
  • Anthracite is the predominant colour on both properties. However, the owners of one of them have decided to have the joinery in the bi-colour option. It is a combination of two types of veneer. White on the inside and grey on the outside.
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