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The trend proposal for 2024 is primarily a return to minimalism of forms, drawing on earthy colors and creating an impression of lightness and delicacy in spaces. What exactly does this mean? In the material below, we explain how to use the most important trends, what is worth being inspired by and how to design up-to-date interiors.

Lightness of color

Peach Fuzz – Pantone color of the year

As every year, the Pantone Institute announced the color that will be the leading proposition for all graphic designers, designers and designers for the next 12 months. The color of 2024 is Peach Fuzz - a subtle proposition with a light, peach shade.

Using it in your interiors will give them freshness and delicacy, and will inspire you to be creative. What will look best in Peach Fuzz? Without a doubt, all kinds of textiles will work here - pillows, rugs, but also upholstery for sofas and armchairs. Such a subtle, yet sophisticated addition will certainly add character and color to our interiors.

In harmony with nature. Earth colors in arrangements

2024 is the time to return to nature. Earthy colors, such as greens, browns, beiges and browns, are an undisputed hit in this year's arrangements. Warm, harmonious shades will bring peace to the interior, which is so important nowadays. Depending on the effect we want to achieve, we can choose from several popular color palettes.


Classic and elegance

Freshness and neutrality

Subtlety and calm

If we want to create elegant, cozy arrangements, the best choice will be shades of brown and beige. These colors have another advantage: universality. We can successfully use them in various interior styles and designs.

Green is the color that will triumph in design this year. One of the most popular shades will be bottle green, which gives lightness and freshness to rooms. The green color also brings harmony to our interiors, thus influencing the well-being of the household members.

Grays blending into turquoises, blues, and even strong navy blue accents - this is the last of the nature colors proposed for our arrangements. Choosing shades of blue in the interior design of our homes will give them a soft character and add subtlety.


Earthy colors can be successfully combined with materials of organic origin. Examples include: overlay doors with decor made of natural stone. Based on colors taken from nature, we cannot forget about wood-like veneering and varnishing in joinery. A wide range of wood imitation solutions can be found, including: in PVC and aluminum windows. However, if we want to use earthy colors only from the outside or inside of the building, we can choose bi-color windows, i.e. with a different finish on both sides. This will, for example, allow you to create classic arrangements inside and a modern design on the façade.

Soft lines and round shapes

A trend, the growth of which we have already observed in previous years, and in 2024 it has become one of the most important proposals in architecture and interior design, is the orientation towards the use of curves and soft lines in finishing. Soft minimalism , as this style is also called, is primarily a combination of natural colors (which we mentioned in the previous paragraph) with curved lines. It also makes extensive use of natural materials from which home furnishing elements are made. Comfortable, low, soft sofas and comfortable armchairs in pastel colors will make you rest perfectly after a hard day in such a relaxing interior.

Japandi - synergy of Japanese and Scandinavian style

The combination of minimalist Japanese design and the functionality and warmth of Scandinavian solutions has created a style that will be one of the main trends in architecture in 2024. The Japandi style is based primarily on providing residents with peace and harmony of spirit. We achieve this effect by reducing accessories and decorations to a minimum. In this case, the main materials used for interior finishing are wood, bamboo and linen. To give the impression of greater coziness, rooms in this style are adequately lit. For this purpose, we can use sliding patio doors, which open them to the space outside the building. If we want to fully control the amount of sunlight entering, it is worth using external covers: roller blinds and blinds. To fully create the Japandi style in our interiors, we should also use the matching colors and arrangement described above.


As you can see, 2024 in architecture and design is focused primarily on minimalism of forms, colors and textures. The main purpose of this is to create a space that will be our escape from the current pace of life, allowing for a moment of peace and quiet.

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