Okna PVC DPQ-82

Vinyl windows: DPQ-82 range

The thermally-efficient innovation


DPQ-82 thermally-efficient vinyl window range

Assuring top energy efficiency and several advanced solutions that answer today's modern construction industry's challenges.

The DPQ-82 window range perfectly combines full functionality with a package of innovative solutions, guaranteeing homeowners the best thermal and sound insulation.


0,77 W/m2K

Installation depth

82 mm



Handle model


Anti-theft protection

2 Anti-theft catches

Glazing package



Basic colors
Golden oak 2178001
Nut 2178007
Anthracite 701605
Winchester 49240
Swamp oak 2052089
Dark grey silk 4367003
Woodec oak F4703001

The colors presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colors.

V-perfect weld in DPQ-82 range windows

The beauty of the product is one of the most important features that customers pay attention to when buying window joinery. We do our best to provide the best solutions that meet customers demand. That is why we have raised the standard of the weld in the selected range of vinyl joinery, offering you an improved solution: the V-perfect weld (the so-called non-discharge weld).

  • The technology allows for achieving high-quality corner joints and significantly increases the aesthetic value of the final product.
  • The DPQ-82 and DPQ-82 thermoSecure range, which uses a double-sided veneer, is currently available with the v-perfect weld option.
  • The V-perfect weld is used for windows, exterior doors, interior doors and patio doors.
  • Detailed information on possibilities of using the weld can be obtained from DAKO advisors in showrooms

Additional accessories