Roller Shutters in EPS DK-RNT Box

A solution with increased thermal insulation properties

DK-RNT roller shutters is a solution that allows better care of the thermal insulation properties of the entire building because of the use of a styrofoam EPS box. The roller shutter box material is characterized by excellent thermal insulation and significantly reduces heat loss in the winter. This means more savings on heating bills.

The aesthetic solution that allows the box to be completely built into the insulation layer remains an unnoticeable element of the building facade. It is also possible to equip the roller shutters with a mosquito net built directly into the roller shutter box using easy and quick "click" mounting.


under the facade

Inspection flap



during construction/renovation



Integration with mosquito net


1 - Roller blind box  |  2 - Winding pipe  |  3 - Armor  |  4 - Inspection flap  |  5 - Bottom rail  |  6 - Guide rail  |  7 - Adaptive profile  |  8 - Insulation

Roller shutters located from the inside of the building so that on higher floors, there is no need to use scaffolding

Access to the inspection flap from the outside of the building allows the roller shutters to be serviced without interfering with the interior of the room. The location of the cleaning unit also has an advantageous effect on the box's insulation parameters, and it also allows to use of this solution regardless of the window frame profile width (eg. in HST sliding patio doors)
  • Exterior roller shutters armor is available in the perforated and full version
  • As standard, the shutters are made of armor in perforated version, and the first six upper profiles are made in full version to limit the penetration of light as a result of inaccurate closing of the blind
  • Armor DPA 39-max. space 6 m2, max. width –2900 mm
  • Armor DPA 43-max. space 8 m2, max. width – 3200 mm


01 – Silver

02 – White

03 – Gray

04 – Dark Beige*

05 – Beige

08 – Dark Brown

09 – Brown

15 – White Cream

16 – Ivory

23 – Gray Anthracite

31 – Light Gray


* colors for DPA 39 armor only
The color sample is illustrative and can not be used as a color pattern.

Exterior roller shutters equipment

Exterior Roller Shutters DAKO & Smart Home

DAKO's automatically controlled exterior shutters can be integrated into smart home management systems, and controlled via the internet from anywhere on earth!

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