SlideLine Patio Doors

Get even more light and comfort due to the weatherproof patio door at a reasonable price

SlideLine Patio Doors 

PVC flush-sliding system is an innovation solution in a range of patio doors. Due to the advanced sliding facility, SlideLine patio door guarantees an easy and intuitive opening and ensures safe operation.

Enlarged fixed glazing provides the exceptional view on the outside and maximum daylight in the interiors.



Max. sash weight



max. 2.6m


max. 4m



Max. sash area


* Glass 4/18/4/18/4 gas: argon, SWS ultimate warm frame, construction dimensions 2460 mm x 2180 mm

SlideLine system is an attractive alternative to HST and HKS sliding doors

The exceptional combining of high insulation properties, easy operation and up to date design makes this product a perfect choice for the modern building. Due to its reasonable price, SideLine patio door is an excellent alternative for the investors who look for a cheaper solution of good technical properties smilar to those of HST and HKS systems. 

Innovative solutions

Advanced fitting system with the locking along the whole perimeter of the sash and the preassure adjustment makes this system extremely weatherproof.  Due to the excellent results of wind and rain protection, SlideLine patio door will make an interior cosy, safe and warm. 


Basic colors

Golden oak 2178001
Nut 2178007
Anthracite 701605
Winchester 49240
Swamp oak 2052089
Dark grey silk 4367003
Black mat – 809700
Woodec oak F4703001
Anthracite grey ulti –matt – 504700

The colors presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colors.


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