Segmentowe bramy garażowe z panelem grubości 40 mm

Sectional garage doors with 40 mm thick panels

A proven solution with enhanced design aesthetics.

In sectional garage doors with 40 mm panels, you can choose from three available designs of panels' appearance - we offer smooth panels or in one of two embossed variants (high embossed or embossed).

Panels can be painted in almost any color and/or veneer - the wide selection of colors also allows for custom combinations and designs. When it comes to sectional garage doors, there is a possibility of applying on their surface additional decorations, so-called. decorations - e.g., attached on the external side of the panel, made of damage-resistant stainless steel or the use of glass windows - to decorate and illuminate the interior of the garage.

Types and construction of garage door panels standard 40mm


panel 0.54 W/m2K / door 1.3 W/m2K*

Panel thickness

40 mm


CFC-free polyurethane foam

Outer envelope

0.48 mm galvanized steel sheet

Corrosion protection

coating on the sheet surface

Panel height

500, 553 ** or 610 mm

* for a reference sectional garage door of 3000mm x 2440mm

** applies to garage doors from the HarmonyLine range

1 - Protective film | 2 - Organic coating | 3 - Galvan | 4 - Steel | 5 - Polyurethane foam

Garage door guide types

Garage door with panels

40 mm

Lintel height

min. 350 mm

Torsion springs

mounted at the front, at the lintel

Guide rails

single horizontal

Safety is fundamental - get yourself peace of mind with the basic security package for DAKO doors.


Safety panel - the special shape of the panels prevents fingers from being pinched between the panels when closing the garage door.


Fail-safe - prevents uncontrolled falling of the door curtain in case of wire or spring breakage (standard for garage doors larger than 9 m2, does not apply to track application N).


Motor safety switch - as a standard feature, an overload switch is included in case of an obstacle during the closing

Garage doors colors


RAL 9016 White
RAL 8014 Brown
Silver - RAL 9006
RAL 7016 Anthracite grey
Anthracite Wrinkle
Golden oak 2178001
Nut 2178007

Veneers – I group

Anthracite 701605
Winchester 49240
Swamp oak 2052089
Dark grey silk 4367003
Mahogany 2065021
Silver grey 715505
Brown 887505
Basalt grey 701205
Quartz grey 703905
White 9152.05
Creamy white 137905
Sheffield Oak F4563081

Veneers – II group

Green 600505
Dark green 612505
Light grey 725105
Agate grey 703805
Navy blue 515005
Mountain pine 3069041
Oregon III 2115008
Platinum crown 1293001
Smooth silver grey 715505083
Smooth basalt grey 701205083
Ruby 300305
Light oak 3118076
Dark grey ALUX DB703 F4361014
Desert oak 0057004
Black 116700
Black mat – 809700
Monument oak 0057006
Anthracite grey ulti –matt – 504700

Other colours

RAL palette color

The colors presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colors.

Garage doors features

DAKO garage doors & Smart Home

Automatically operated DAKO garage doors can be integrated into Intelligent Home Management Systems and controlled through the Internet from any place on Earth!

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