A modern alternative to exterior roller shutters

The most important advantages of exterior blinds are:

  • high quality and functionality, guaranteeing aesthetic appearance and stability
  • thermoregulatory and protective properties
  • option to adjust the amount of light entering the room
  • the ability to lift and lower, as well as changing the angle of adjustment of the slats
  • lightweight and simple aluminum construction
  • possibility of modern finishing of the building

External jalousie shutter types.

Shutters are a key element of jalousie influencing first of all their final appearance. The shutters, i.e. aluminium elements with a defined shape, which form the jalousie curtain. The shutters in two shapes and widths are available: C-shaped shutter, 80 mm wide and Z-shaped shutter, 90 mm wide


letter C


80 mm


thickness 0,42 mm, width 80 mm


anti-fading technology

Slats Operation



optical profile "lightness"

Top-mounted Blinds DK-ZFN

Installation of this type of blinds should be considered in advance so that the opening's size takes into account the presence of the box. In the ZFN blinds there is also the possibility of using a mosquito net that complements the product's functionality.

The system uses solid, 60×87 mm aluminum guides attached to the window frame.


A diverse range of color options allows giving products an individual style, emphasizing the investment's nature. Blind slats are available in various colors:

31B - Light Grey RAL 7035
73B - Mouse Gray RAL 7048
16B - Ivory RAL 1015
74B - Copper Bronze VSR 780
75B - Dark grey ALUX DB703
22B - White RAL 9016
01 - Silver RAL 9006
37 - Pearl silver RAL 9007
03B - Agate gray RAL 7038
23B - Anthracite grey RAL 7016
20B - Black RAL 9005

The colors presented are just a visualization and may be different from the actual colors.


Front-mounted exterior blinds have recently gained popularity.

The use of exterior blinds as an element of the building's facade allows you to give its lightness. The special product is dedicated to objects with a large area of windows or glass facades. Installation of front-mounted blinds is carried out on the outside of the building. Aluminum guides, in which the guards are mounted, ensure the blind's stability in the wind and increase the level of safety.

Exterior blinds allow creating an optimal environment in the building's interior in terms of lighting and thermal conditions.

Thanks to the option of free adjustment of the angle of inclination of the slats, they allow you to set the desired degree of darkening of the rooms, creating a pleasant atmosphere of the interior and reflecting most of the sun's rays. The use of blinds reduces the cost of air conditioning, and in addition to the function of darkening and protection, exterior blinds provide a modern finish to the building.

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