Systemy sterowania Inteligentnym Domem
Remote control of your home
System sterowania Inteligentnym Domem

Smart home management systems

DAKO products work with three advanced control solutions to enable wireless control of home appliances from anywhere globally with an internet connection.

Smart home management systems allow you to conveniently and wirelessly control your home appliances from anywhere globally with an internet connection! They allow you to create customized operating scenarios to fit your lifestyle and give feedback showing your devices' status. Management of the system is intuitive and is done through a free application that runs on devices with internet access. Everything so you can enjoy the security of your home!

Systemy inteligentnego zarządzania domem

Choose a Smart Home management system perfectly suited to your needs!

  • Comfort - roller shutters that open in the morning, the garage doors that closes when you leave for work - programming scenarios for individual devices will make a living at home even more enjoyable.
  • Safety - Make sure your home is safe, even if you are far away from it. Can't remember if you locked the garage doors? Not a problem! Our app will allow you to check the current status of your device and allow you to shut it down if necessary.
  • Savings - the ability to remotely monitor your equipment's status allows you to adjust its location according to changing weather. Closing roller shutters will prevent the rooms from overheating in the summer or let the sun's rays warm the rooms in the winter.
Inteligentne zarządzanie domem

Smart Home management systems allow you to conveniently, centrally, and wirelessly control electrical devices at home, business, office, school, and any building, and give you access to information about your devices' status.


The ability to manage the system from computers, tablets, and internet-enabled smartphones gives you complete control of your home from anywhere on earth where you'll have access to the internet.

  • Convenient, integrated and wireless control of your home appliances
  • Easy access to device status information (e.i. open/closed)
  • Control and access information from anywhere in the world using internet-enabled devices

What is a smart home manager control system and how does it work?

A smart home control system, exemplified by the DAKO Smart Home system, is an advanced technology ecosystem that empowers homeowners to conveniently manage and monitor various facets of their living space through interconnected smart devices. This intelligent network enhances comfort, efficiency, and security by offering remote and automated control over household functions.

DAKO Smart's system comprises an array of smart devices, including garage doors, roller shutters as well as lighting fixtures, and more. These devices are equipped with sensors and wireless connectivity, forming a cohesive network. At the heart of the system is a central hub like TaHoma® Switch control unit that acts as a home control center, facilitating communication between the devices using protocols like a home Wi-Fi network.

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