The prestigious NCTL certificates for DAKO aluminum joinery!

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We are much aware how important is to confirm the usefulness of the European joinery for the American and Canadian market, for that reason DAKO products did undergo the rigorous tests which were conducted by the popular NCTL Inspection Agency.

We are happy to announce that it effected in the number of certificates confirming the highest quality of DA-77 DAKO system which includes:

  • Fixed DA-77 windows
  • Dual action DA-77 windows
  • Dual action DA-77 windows with hidden sash
  • DA-77 HST terrace doors

All the window series were approved in  AW-PG60 class and HST door in AW-PG50 class.



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Company life

Building of the year with DAKO joinery!

There is news that makes us very proud and happy with the investment successes of our Business Partners. Such a distinction is certainly a prestigious title, which was awarded to the Wrocław investment, for the implementation of which DAKO window and door joinery were used.

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We are celebrating 25 years of DAKO!

2019 was very special for us. We celebrate the quarter-century jubilee of the DAKO company and the international success of the brand that we have achieved during this time.

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Forbes Diamond for DAKO

In 2019, the DAKO brand once again received its "Diamond". This prestigious distinction is awarded every year to the most dynamically developing enterprises in Poland, taking into account both the value of the company's assets and profits from recent years.

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We are delighted to be entering a partnership with the Polish company DAKO

Stephan Schippers, Managing Director Borussia Mönchengladbach: “We are delighted to be entering a partnership with the company Dako, who are active all over Europe. Dako are focused on innovative products, high quality and customer satisfaction, and they now wish to be present at high-profile events such as Borussia matches. We hope it is the beginning of a long term partnership.”