SUNCOOL solar control panes in DAKO windows

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Modern solutions in the field of glazing windows and patio doors, providing additional benefits, are becoming increasingly popular among customers and developers, which translates into their increasing availability and price offer.

DAKO joinery equipped with transparent SUNCOOLTM sunscreens is available under special, attractive promotional conditions until the end of the year, i.e. December 31, 2020. The promotion covers all products in the field of PVC, wooden, and aluminum joinery, and detailed information on product prices and discounts can be obtained, as always, with our Advisors at DAKO Sales Points.

The most important features of the SUNCOOLTM coating and the benefits of its use both in individual investments and in public utility buildings:

  • The coating selectively transmits and reflects solar radiation - in summer it protects rooms against overheating, in winter it allows to reduce heating costs.
  • The pane is transparent, which means that it does not darken the rooms and lets sunlight inside.
  • Glazing with SUNCOOL coating can be toughened and laminated, guaranteeing safety and sun protection in one package.

More information about the advantages of SUNCOOLTM panes can be found on the subpage "How does Suncool work?"


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