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A new type of wood has become a permanent feature of DAKO wooden joinery offer: spruce. Subdued, elegant appearance of spruce wood and the windows and doors made of it, perfectly match the character of buildings of different styles.

Spruce is available in the most popular DAKO wooden window system with installation depth of 78 mm, which is the optimum compromise between the price and technical parameters and offers a wide range of solutions within the series. What distinguishes spruce wood from other available wood species is first of all:

• Product aesthetics

In comparison to pine, the main advantage of spruce is its uniform color and lack of color differences between sapwood and heartwood, which makes the wood look exceptionally aesthetically pleasing and stylish in azure colors, especially the light ones. Products made of spruce are more aesthetically pleasing than those made of pine, but this results in a slightly higher price.

• Mechanical and physical parameters

The properties of spruce are similar to pine, however, due to the lower specific gravity of spruce (400-450 kg/m3 compared to 480-550 kg/m3 for pine) it has a slightly higher water absorption and is more susceptible to mechanical damage.

Products made of spruce are available in DAKO offer in the following systems:


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