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We are much aware how important is to confirm the usefulness of the European joinery for the American and Canadian market, for that reason DAKO products did undergo the rigorous tests which were conducted by the popular NCTL Inspection Agency.

We are happy to announce that it effected in the number of certificates confirming the highest quality of DA-77 DAKO system which includes:

  • Fixed DA-77 windows
  • Dual action DA-77 windows
  • Dual action DA-77 windows with hidden sash
  • DA-77 HST terrace doors

All the window series were approved in  AW-PG60 class and HST door in AW-PG50 class.

DAKO company also offers its chosen products in series DPQ-82 system PHIUS certified placing heavy emphasis on insulation properties of the unit:

  • Fixed DPQ-82 windows
  • Dual action DPQ-82 windows
  • Inswing/outswing DPQ-82 door

Our products are continuously tested in the USA to meet strict building codes and energy efficiency. We want to present the superior quality together with performance aspects for our customers to feel that DAKO products are tailored to their needs and they can feel secure purchasing them.



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