DAKO new product launch! Da-SkyLine sliding door with a concealed frame

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We present an absolute novelty on the market of aluminum sliding solutions – terrace doors with a concealed frame, providing panoramic views without limits! Glazing of impressive dimensions and unlimited width blurring the border between the inside and the outside? Now it is possible! We present an absolute novelty on the market of aluminum sliding solutions – terrace doors with a concealed frame, providing panoramic views without limits!

DA-SkyLine is an innovative solution with a prestigious design:

  • Concealed frame and slim profiles exposing the maximum glazing area - the visible width of the door sash connection: 25 mm
  • Excellent thermal insulation parameters - Uw value from 0,85 W/(m2K)*
  • Slim and lightweight construction giving the impression of lightness despite its large dimensions.



Spectacular glazing and a minimalist design

The DA-SkyLine solution enables the construction of impressive sliding doors up to 12 m wide and 4 m high. Innovative technology allowing the frame to be concealed in the walls, floor, and ceiling, allows for effective, panoramic glazing while maintaining excellent thermal insulation parameters. The slim construction of the door gives the impression of being light and delicate so as a result, the structures gain a modern and minimalistic look, and the entire door sash is almost a uniform glazing with narrow dividing lines, blending in with magnificent buildings.


Terrace doors with a concealed frame are a guarantee of exceptional style and the prestigious rank of the investment. The sliding system provides a comfortable, threshold-free passage from the house to the terrace and a perfect connection between the interior of the building and its surroundings. The system offers the possibility of opening the door manually or automatically (drives and control panels hidden in the profiles of the frame or automatic units mounted on the outside of the structure) and no restrictions on the width of the structure – the doors can be connected to each other and form a uniform sequence of glazing.


* for doors with sash dimensions of 2070 x 3440 mm, with a triple-glazed infill with Ug coefficient of 0.5 W/(m2K) and a warm edge spacer


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