Remodeling of the 2019

Reconstruction, renovation, and change of the use of the hospital building into a residential and office function was honored and awarded in the competition "Construction of the year 2019" organized by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians.

The idea of the project was to restore the historic character of the building and restore its former splendor in a refreshed form, by using available archival materials and open-cast research. The design uses stylized wooden windows with muntins in a classic light gray color and modern, functional elements of aluminum joinery, and fire protection solutions on windows and doors.

This project is an example of the increasingly popular adaptation of historic buildings to the needs of modern construction in which wooden DAKO windows were used. Wooden windows are a high-quality product and with a perfect finish, these are ideal for buildings with historic character. The project also uses aluminum ironwork, which is typically associated with modern projects. Aluminum doors and windows fit well into the aesthetics of the building and allow it to adapt to the modern standards of residential and service buildings.
Reconstruction of buildings requires the application of certain rules, therefore the entire investment implementation process was carried out in close cooperation with the conservator of monuments.