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Executed by DAKO | Excellent parameters of DAKO joinery noise insulation

For many people, home is where we find peace and relax. This function can be further promoted by its interior design and finish. Using a consistent mellow color palette in your interiors enables you to create an atmosphere fostering calming down and ensures that your home gets a smart, ageless look.

The investors whose place on earth is presented here used wonderful, natural tones recurring in the finishes, furniture, and interior design of their interiors. The joinery with nut veneer integrated smoothly with the project style, giving some stronger traits to the interiors and emphasizing the consistent façade style.

  • To guarantee a quiet home, it is best to choose joinery with efficient noise insulation. Excellent protection from outdoor noise is ensured by using the appropriate window frame structure and glazing. Thanks to a three-pane unit, PVC windows in the DPQ-82 series have a very good noise reduction coefficient.
  • The owners decided to install external roller shutters with a concealed installation box. Besides the ability to control sunshine and protect from cold, external roller shutters have one more important advantage. Namely, they reduce noise. When closed for the night, they guarantee peaceful sleep despite e.g. a busy street outside.
  • Fixed glazing is a perfect solution that will guarantee a lot of natural light indoors, ensuring high thermal insulation as well. The owners used the broad structural potential of the PVC joinery, creating an extremely modern combination of fixed glazing, terrace doors, and tilt-and-turn windows. In the daughter’s room, the window with an opening sash was combined with lower fixed glazing. This solution improves children’s safety and also turns the low window sill into a unique space to be designed.
  • In the owners’ main bedroom, the corner, fixed glazing was combined with the HKS terrace door. This offered a well-lit interior in a light, modern form. The advantage of this combination of the corner fixed glazing and HKS terrace door, installed in the zone for day use, is the optical opening of the rooms to the garden and the terrace.
  • The owners opted for balcony doors as well: the single-sash door in the bathroom and in the walk-in closet and the two-sash one with a floating mullion in the son’s room. This economical solution ensures easy going to the terrace or the balcony and a smart appearance, and also very good thermal and noise insulation.
  • The indoor garage got a sectional door with a panel 40 mm thick. The door-lifting device, controlled with remote control, ensures extraordinarily easy operation.
  • The first thing which attracts the attention of visitors is the elegant, traditional external door. That frame-and-panel door is made from natural wood, SOTERA model, nut classik colour, go well with other joinery elements. To ensure more light in the vestibule, the investor decided to install a sidelight as well. The glazing in the door and in the sidelight is made from a one-way mirror. This solution guarantees residents’ privacy without blocking natural light from outside.
  • The PVC joinery and garage door panels are in the mellow, ageless nut color. The woodlike veneer imitates not only the colour of wood but also its natural grain and texture. It is harmonized with the external door colour, making a coherent whole.
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