Matte black at the beach house

Windows Patio doors

DAKO implementation | DAKO joinery in an American house overlooking the ocean

Implementation: Trade Partner of DAKO – Fox Windows & Doors Ltd.

Located in North Carolina, on the Atlantic coast, Surf City is a unique place that, thanks to its proximity to the ocean, offers a temperate climate and unique views. The owners of a single-family house located right next to the beach planned the expansion of the building in such a way as to open the rooms to the space in front of the house as much as possible. The most important element of the works was therefore to design an extensive glazing. As a result, exceptionally bright and cosy interiors were created.

  • The location near the ocean is characterised by a maritime climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year and wind. For this reason, the owners wanted joinery that would guarantee not only warmth, but also safety – the investors chose PVC joinery from the DPQ-82 line. Tilt and turn windows have been used throughout the house, ensuring functionality and the possibility of free ventilation. 
  • All elements of the joinery are made in black, matt colour, which is perfect for projects with a minimalist and modern design. In this case, the black colour of the doors and windows emphasises the bright facade of the building as a contrast.
  • The focal point of the house is a large living room with an open kitchen. Perfect lighting of the common part was obtained thanks to the use of large, double-leaf windows at the front of the building and HST lift and slide patio door. The opening system C, in which the two wings move apart, provides an exceptionally wide passage between the interior of the building and the adjacent terrace.
  • The bedrooms on the first floor are connected by a common, large balcony from which you can enter the roof. The view from this place – the city and the spreading ocean – is stunning. In these rooms, it was decided to install HKS tilt and slide patio doors. This system, in addition to a wide passage, also provides the option of tilting the door leaf for ventilation. 
  • Good entrance doors guarantee not only anti-burglary safety and good acoustic and thermal insulation, but they are also a showcase of the entire house. The DAKO Alba overlay door, made of aluminium, chosen by the owners, fits perfectly into the style of the building. Two narrow horizontal windows and a stainless steel handrail refer to the symmetry of fixed glazing on the facade of the house. In addition, the sidelight in the door, made of matt, opaque glass, illuminates the vestibule, while ensuring the privacy of the residents. 
  • Three vertical fixed windows, located in the facade of the building next to each other, emphasise the modern character and from the inside they act as lighting for the wide staircase and corridor on the first floor.
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