Log house with Vinyl joinery

Windows Textile pleats and blinds
light gray

Realization by DAKO| Flawless combination of wood and Vinyl

Log houses are uniquely charming. Their greatest advantage is the ability to accumulate heat energy. During summer rooms don’t overheat and in winter they are protected from heat loss. Design of log houses is also special with an incredibly cozy interior that highlights closeness to nature. Owners of a rental house: Halna 41a in Krynica-Zdrój emphasized its idyllic aura by arranging it in a Scandinavian style. To ensure the best parameters of thermal insulation as well as accentuate investment’s character, they decided to opt for Vinyl joinery in light colors.

  • Owners’ main intention, when choosing window joinery, was to maintain high parameters of thermal insulation throughout the entire structure. Solution which met their intended goals are Vinyl, DPQ -82 windows with pane bars. This window series ensures perfect thermal insulation both in winter and summer. In addition, inside pane bars accentuate distinctive style of the house. Current way of installing inside pane bars during the production stage, makes for an easier maintenance while looking incredibly tasteful.
  • Rooms decorated in the Scandinavian style stand out from others with their perfect illumination of daylight. Single and double sash, tilt-and-turn windows, installed in the property, provide a healthy amount of sunlight, at the same time creating a warm and cozy interior.
  • Guests have at their disposal a patio, which leads to a living room through single sash patio door. In upstairs bedrooms, investors selected double sash patio doors with movable post. Lack of the central post allows for comfortable and wide transition with uninterrupted outside view.
  • In order to provide guests with full privacy, downstairs windows have pleated blinds installed. Their functioning gives many possibilities when it comes to regulating the amount and angle of sunlight that enters the room. Pleated blinds can be adjusted in a way that vertically covers any selected part of the window.
  • Owners when choosing window joinery decided to pick a light grey color. Such color contrasts with dark varnishing of logs used to build the house. Besides the inside pane bars, an additional feature like window caps in a dark grey color adds to the character of the joinery and catches the eye.
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