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DAKO Project | Joinery in Natural-Oak-Coloured Veneer.

“Check out what I got at DAKO yesterday. We’ll be ordering our windows in the coming days, we’re set on Tuesday for the measurements.” – That’s how the shared adventure of Mrs Dominika and her family started. She runs her Instagram profile about the construction and interior finishing of her new home with the joinery by DAKO.

  • The window joinery they selected is DPQ-82 Series PVC windows. A host of modern solutions used in this model ensures greater thermal and sound insulation for the users. One of the series’ features is also its unique aesthetics. Standard DPQ-82 windows have a V-perfect weld finish. Windows with a wood-like veneer made with this technology look near identical to natural wood from the outside.
  • The investors chose tilt & turn windows for rooms, where quick air exchange is recommended, such as: kitchens, bathrooms, guest bedrooms and rooms for children. This solution proves to be convenient as well, because you can open the window wide to ventilate the rooms quickly, or tilt it when going to bed or going out. The owners’ main bedroom has a two-sash balcony window with a flying mullion installed.
  • In the living room, the investors decided to join two balcony windows along the sides and have a fixed glazing in the middle of the structure. This solution provides a lot of natural light in the room, visually enlarges the house’s footprint, looks modern and slick, while being cost-efficient. It also allows you to easily go out to the front yard/garden.
  • All windows of the house have extra flush-mounted exterior shutters. When choosing their colour, the owners aimed to draw connections to the colour of windows and the roof. The shutters guideways are made in the colour of the window joinery, while its armour shares the colour of the roofing, i.e. grey anthracite.
  • The house’s footprint also encompasses a garage, where the owners installed a one stall 40 mm garage door with automatic drive. The main benefit of the automatic drive is the convenience of opening and closing of the garage door. You can easily control the door with a remote control or a keypad.
  • The windows and garage door panels are made in natural oak. The joinery with a wood-like veneer fits perfectly to an idyllic neighbourhood and interior design. Residents of this house chose wooden interior furnishings, which make the rooms appear especially warm and cosy.
  • As always, the full photo gallery of this project can be found below. However, if you’d like to have a closer look at the house and solutions used within, visit Mrs Dominika’s Instagram: @dom.mojasloneczna
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