Eclectic dark grey

Roller shutters Windows Patio doors
dark gray

Realization by DAKO | Design emphasised by details

Since a few years, dark grey colour has been making a career on the field of joinery, being the most often chosen by the clients. It owes its popularity to the fact that it’s a good colour base for various interior styles and can be easily integrated into projects of different characters.

All these is perfectly reflected in below-presented inspiration, where the grey windows and door are the neutral background for the explicit, full of colours, eclectic interior design. Also, the finishing elements of the roller shutters and elevation, covered with the grey colour, allow to expose the red detail of patio canopy.

  • While working on the house design, the investors have cared about creating the separate spaces for two families. All the rooms, such as: kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom have been doubly designed in both parts of the house. Such solution has allowed to provide the privacy for all householders.
  • DPQ-82 PVC windows used for this project, not only add the modern touch, but also guarantee the exceptional thermal and acoustic parameters – what makes the interiors uniquely comfortable for its users.
  • In order to allow much of the daylight enter the common part of the house – the living rooms connected by the dining rooms and open kitchens, the owners have chosen the fixed glazings as well as tilt&turn windows.
  • Each of the living rooms has access to the separate terrace and common garden through the HST patio doors. The low threshold, impressive glazing surface and excellent thermal parameters predestined the investors’ choice.
  • The patio doors installed in bedroom is a perfect solution for the nature lovers who can enter the garden right after waking up. In this case, the owners have opted for HKS tilt-slide patio doors. This solution allows to fully open the movable sash, and the possibility of tilting it along the upper edge allows for ventilation of the interior.
  • Single-sash balcony doors in the kids’ rooms provide the sufficient daylight needed for playing and learning.
  • An interesting option, which looks elegant from both (external and internal) building sides is the usage of narrow balcony windows as the light source in the mud room and bathroom. Thereby, the designed windows are of the same height as the entry and patio doors.
  • The flush-mounted roller shutters have been additionally installed to each window and door. Their main advantages are, most of all: protection of householders’ privacy, reduction of the daylight entering the interiors and saving the energy need for heating and cooling the house.
  • All the joinery elements have been produced in modern dark grey colour.
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