Bicolour – Two-coloured windows in a Single-family house

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Realisation by DAKO| Two-coloured joinery matching any interior design

Buying home joinery is an investment for more than a dozen, and frequently even several dozen years. Our current taste and the design trend may change in time. This is why investors usually choose universal solutions which will match different finish styles. Here, the owners selected bicolour windows, thanks to which you can have various interior designs indoors, with highly modern and smart outdoor appearance.

  • The design of this single-family house was selected from the ready-made catalogue and adapted to the residents’ requirements. PVC windows from the DPQ-76 series were installed in the entire home. The major reason why this window series was chosen is its excellent thermal insulation parameters, ensuring savings both relating to central heating in winter and to air conditioning in summer. In most rooms, there are tilt-and-turn windows, while one wall in the dining room is almost entirely made from non-opening glazing. Each of three upstairs bedrooms has single-sash balcony doors.
  • To reach the terrace from two sides of the living rooms, you use HKS tilt-and-slide doors. High insulation parameters are not the only advantages of this solution. The structure of these terrace doors enables to tilt the sliding sash to ensure optimum ventilation with no need to open it fully. The terrace door has sliding mosquito nets installed as well.
  • The mosquito nets are also provided in the other windows. In the tilt-and-turn windows those are frame mosquito nets, while in the balcony doors those are door mosquito nets installed by means of hinges.
  • Our protection from low temperatures was important when selecting the entrance door as well. This is why the owners chose aluminium clad door with the panel 90 mm thick, BONITA model. The extra polyurethane foam insulation between the aluminium panels makes this door type great in any weather.
  • The front wall has not only the entrance door, but also the garage door with embossment (embossed DK-WPP panel). The comfort of using the door is ensured by automation devices controlled by a wireless remote control. However, we do not always have it on us. To operate the gate conveniently in such circumstances, the investors installed the extra wireless numerical keyboard. Just key in the pre-set code, and the door opens. The second garage door, controlled manually, was installed in the utility building. Thanks to this solution, the owners can easily take their bikes or gardening appliances, e.g. a lawn mower.
  • On hot, sunny days the rooms are shaded by flush-mounted roller shutters. Their structure makes them invisible as the shutter box is entirely concealed under the façade. All the roller shutters are controlled automatically by means of a mobile application. Thanks to that, the residents may close or open the shutter remotely from any place on Earth.
  • The whole joinery in this house has a modern, smart colour outdoors, i.e. dark grey. The choice of bicolour windows ensures extensive interior design opportunities. Thanks to that, the windows are anthracite outdoors and white indoors. This combination makes them look great with any interior design changes in the future.
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