A house facing out to the garden, with a folding terrace door

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Implementation by DAKO | Comprehensive aluminium joinery in matte black colour.

Implementation: DAKO’s Trade Partner – DIRAMA Schilde 

Buildings with regular, geometrical shapes are usually associated with modern architectural style. This kind of design is characterized by straight lines, minimalist details and the use of modern materials, such as glass, aluminium and concrete. The presented house has a cubical shape and sparse windows in the front, with a garage door slightly protruding from the building. The garden side is completely designed in such a way as to give its inhabitants top leisure comfort. The façade is built of bricks in various shades of red and brown, which contributes to its natural look and impression of depth. While choosing the colour of joinery, the investors decided on matte black, which perfectly harmonizes with the brick façade of the building.

  • One of the characteristic and eye-catching elements is the single-car garage door. Its slight protrusion from the body of the building gave an interesting accent to the otherwise simple shape of the construction. The owners decided to use a garage door with an N-type guide that allows installation in garages without a lintel or side walls. A smooth 40 mm-thick panel guarantees optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. The lack of embossing makes the door look modern and elegant.
  • Modern windows at the building’s upper floor are lined up with the front door, forming a uniform vertical structure, which fits with the aesthetic design of the whole building. The owners selected a fully glazed DA-65 EF I+ series profile door with an additional thermal insert for increased protection against cold penetration. While a glass inset in the front door increases the aesthetics of the whole structure, it also has a practical function – it lets in more light into the building. To protect the inhabitants from the unwanted attention of other people while still letting the sun in, the investors decided to use a frosted glass pane
  • Aluminium joinery used in the project assures the investors of lasting and failure-free operation of products and great potential in designing window constructions. By choosing the DA-65 EF I+ series, the owners of the presented house took advantage of the complete selection of windows – fixed glazings as well as openable and tiltable ones.
  • The construction project involved the creation of space on the side of the garden, which could assure a high level of privacy and allow for outdoor relaxation for the inhabitants. The owners may use an enclosed balcony attached to a bedroom on the upper floor. Easy access is ensured through a DA-51 HST series lift-and-slide terrace door. This type of terrace door is also implemented in the kitchen located on the ground floor. The wide passage allows for unobstructed communication between the house and the garden and can be used for quick ventilation of rooms. Sliding screens attached to HST terrace door frames provide protection against insects. 
  • While looking for a solution to design the widest possible passage between the living room and the terrace, the investors decided to use a modern and attractive solution – the folding door. How the door operates – by folding the jointed leaves to the side – provides a completely unobstructed and wide doorway. By choosing the folding door, it is possible to use their design as a building wall, which can be completely folded, creating an impression of uniformity between the interior of the house and the terrace. 
  • All elements of wood joinery were designed in matte black colour, an excellent choice for modern implementations. In this very case, it harmonizes with the brick facade. 
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