Quality counts! DAKO tests and certificates

DAKO certified windows

DAKO pays the greatest attention to the products quality. Thermo-insulation, acoustics, anti-burglary parameters are the key values for us. The confirmation of our top-quality are the positive opinions from our clients as well as the certificates obtained from the well-known certifying agencies.

DAKO vinyl and aluminum constructions have passed structural and thermal tests obtaining NFRC, AAMA and PHIUS certifications for the US and Canadian markets. Due to that fact, DAKO products can be labeled with the required certifications.

Adherence to high standards

To assure the highest production standards, our company undergoes regular assessments and certification procedures. They result in authorizations, certificates and rights to use the marks confirming products quality.

Among many others, DAKO has issued a Q-Zert certificate based on the IFT Rosenheim audit, the most important product research centre in Europe. Additionally, our products are compliant with many international standards. Certification of components from our globally renowned suppliers also confirm rigorous safety and quality requirements.

ENERGY STAR certification

We are very pleased to inform that the high technical parameters of DAKO PVC windows have been appreciated by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and received Canadian ENERGY STAR certification. For the purposes of ENERGY STAR, "residential" refers to products designed to be installed into buildings that meet Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada.

ENERGY STAR certification has been granted to DAKO windows series DPP-70 and DPQ-82. Energy Star label is a guarantee of the highest quality, which results in excellent thermal insulation parameters, products marked with ENERGY STAR logo are subsidised in aid programmes for joinery replacement and windows certified by independent research institutes are more likely to be chosen by investors. Full list of results of NRCan tests of DPP-70 and DPQ-82 windows by DAKO can be found on Energy Efficiency Ratings.

NCTL Inspection Agency

DAKO products did undergo the rigorous tests which were conducted by the popular NCTL Inspection Agency. We are happy to announce that it effected in the number of certificates confirming the highest quality of DA-77 DAKO system which includes:

  • Fixed DA-77 windows
  • Dual action DA-77 windows
  • Dual action DA-77 windows with hidden sash
  • DA-77 HST terrace doors

All the window series were approved in  AW-PG60 class and HST door in AW-PG50 class.

PHIUS Certificate

DAKO company also offers its chosen products in series DPQ-82 system PHIUS certified placing heavy emphasis on insulation properties of the unit:

  • Fixed DPQ-82 windows
  • Dual action DPQ-82 windows
  • Inswing/outswing DPQ-82 door

Our products are continuously tested in the USA to meet strict building codes and energy efficiency. We want to present the superior quality together with performance aspects for our customers to feel that DAKO products are tailored to their needs and they can feel secure purchasing them.

ISO 14001 Certification in DAKO

The ISO 14001 norm is a set of regulations regarding the organization of the Environmental Management System in an enterprise, which are aimed at supporting companies and organizations in reducing or eliminating the negative effects of their activities on the natural environment.

DAKO has successfully passed an external, rigorous audit and obtained certification under the ISO 14001 norm! The certificate is an official, international confirmation that DAKO is reliable, well organized and provides the highest quality of services, respecting environmental standards and care for ecology. The main objectives of the introduction of the norm in the enterprise are:

  • Organizing the company's environmental management activities: reducing waste, reducing costs, saving energy and rational management of raw materials
  • Supporting the company's activities in the field of environmental protection
  • Support for initiatives that can reduce the negative impact of the organization on the environment and prevent pollution
  • Eliminating the ecological threat and preparing to react in the event of its occurrence

NFRC Certificate

We had our product’s level of energy-saving checked, which in recent years has become one of the key issues when choosing joinery. The result of the tests carried out is the award of the NFRC certificate for two  series of windows, which guarantees thermal insulation parameters at a sufficiently high level:

The procedure of examinations and analysis preceding obtaining these documents and certification is complicated and long-lasting, and the products are subjected to rigorous tests. Only the best products receive a certificate, the results of which are presented in the form of an energy label illustrating the values of their most important parameters such as Uw, Vt, Shgc . This allows us to easily compare products with each other, which significantly facilitates an informed choice for customers.

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