Windows and security - what issues are worth paying attention to?

Very often, burglars get into houses and apartments through windows and balcony doors. If the window is poorly secured, an accident may occur. We will advise on what security issues should be considered when choosing and buying windows below.

Safe window, which elements are of particular importance?

The pane is usually considered the "weakest" element of the window. The glass is critical, and the selected glazing unit is essential for safety purposes. When ordering a window look for one that is difficult to break, it is important to note that the glass is not the only element important in protecting your home against burglary and the window sash. To prevent burglars from entering a room through the window, it should be equipped with durable fittings, preferably with superior anti-burglary protection. The type of security used usually differs depending on the manufacturer.

At DAKO, we offer DPQ-82 ThermoSecure windows with a unique double-locking latch, which guarantees excellent resistance to burglary. Another element to consider for safety purposes is choosing a special handle with a lock or a key. Finally, consider additional window protection by installing external blinds. External roller shutters can hinder burglary, are aesthetically pleasing, and allow for shading and thermal insulation of rooms.

Windows with increased security class.

The security class RC (Resistance Class) informs us about the burglary resistance of windows. The product class in the RC classification is expressed in values from 1 to 6, where 6 is the highest resistance. It should be noted that products with higher resistance classes are rarely used in single-family houses and apartments. The vast majority of break-ins are occasional. If the house owners do not keep valuables worth hundreds of thousands, they probably do not need such high-class windows. A window with a higher security class (RC2 or RC3) or additional security features, such as roller shutters, is typically enough to deter burglars. In the DAKO window offer, certification at the RC2 or RC2N level has been granted to DDF series wooden windows (in three variants of profile thickness: 68, 78, and 92 mm) and plastic windows (series: DPP-70, DPQ-76, DPQ-82, and DPQ-82 thermoSecure).

Safe glass.

Safety issues are not limited only to burglary protection, but also those related to guarding against accidents, such as an injury in the event of a window shattering.

The term "safer glass" is usually described as a glass that will not break into sharp, threatening cuts in the event of damage. This effect can be obtained thanks to the use of a special foil, which increases the resistance of the glazing unit to breaking and in the event of a breakage. It supports the glass, preventing the splinters from scattering. This type of laminated glass is the right choice for a children's room since they guarantee that they will not be hurt even if the glass is damaged. An alternative can be glazing packages made of materials that break into blurred pieces after breaking.

Airing by putting down the wing.

Consider the option of tilting the sash for your windows. A benefit to this is you can ventilate the apartment without leaving a window wide open, which could be dangerous if there are children or pets in the house. In the case of a single-family home, a child or a pet may escape and be seriously injured by falling out of a window. However, when it comes to safe ventilation during a household member’s absence, a practical solution is to equip the windows with a unique comfort fitting. This allows the interior to be ventilated by moving the entire sash around the perimeter by 6mm, while at the same time ensuring the protection of the window.

Protection of windows against children and animals.

When considering children and animal’s safety, it is important to secure windows and balcony doors. We can achieve the safety of children in two ways: first, using handles with a key or a lock operating on the principle of "press first then turn" is difficult for children to use. Secondly, equipping windows with tilt first function connected with a TBT handle with a key allows the opening function to be blocked. Thanks to these solutions, we eliminate the risk that the toddler will open the window by themself and get outside. When it comes to animal protection, mesh windows and balconies are most effective. If the mesh is excluded for any reason, mosquito nets can also act as a security feature. It is vital that these mosquito nets are of high quality and made of appropriate materials. Unprofessional mosquito nets, like mesh fastened with Velcro, can be easily damaged. If the glazing is opened frequently, installing unique grilles along with the window may be useful. Thanks to this, the cat is prevented from leaving through a tilted window, or worse, getting stuck in it.

Right windows with appropriate additional equipment are an investment in comfort and security.

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