Which Type of Garage Doors Will Suit Your House Best?

Are you planning to build a private house or garage? Then you have to learn a lot of important nuances: roofing, insulation, finishing, electrics ... The main thing in all this construction fuss is not to forget anything. 

Choosing a garage door is one of the most important stages on which your comfort and convenience in the future depend. However, often homeowners postpone the choice of garage doors in the far box, which we highly do not recommend you to do. 

The modern market offers us many options for various types of garage doors: here, you will find automated modern systems with individual designs and classic designs whose reliability has been tested by time, various textures, colors, patterns, and manufacturers. However, all this plays only a secondary role. 

Next, let's talk about the really important things that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing a garage door. What are garage doors? Which garage door is best for you?

How to choose a garage door?

Just a few years ago, the choice of garage doors was limited to just a few of the simplest and most popular designs. Today, different companies offer a huge number of different gates for your choice:

  • Roll;
  • Swing;
  • Sectional;
  • Folded;
  • Lifting and turning.

Let's talk in more detail about each type of construction, analyze all the pros and cons, and figure out which gate is right for you.

Roll-up garage doors

Roll-up garage doors are a structure that is rapidly gaining popularity and consists of a box, leaf, shaft, and guides. We recommend you choose rolling shutters from aluminum that are durable and resistant to corrosion, direct sunlight, and moisture. 

Benefits of rolling garage doors:

  • Perfectly save space both inside and outside the garage;

  • They do not require complex maintenance; they are quite reliable and durable even with active use;
  • Reliably protect from hacking and unwanted looks;
  • Very comfortable for daily use.

Disadvantages of rolling garage doors:

  • Not suitable for heated garages due to the loose fit of the lamellas to each other;
  • In severe frosts, they can freeze and open poorly.

You should definitely purchase rolling garage doors if…

  • Convenience in daily use is most important to you;
  • It is important for you to save space;
  • You want to get a stylish and modern garage at an affordable price.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are another very popular and reliable option for protecting your beloved car from prying eyes, break-ins, and bad weather.

The design of sectional doors is quite simple: several sandwich panels, rollers, springs, and guides. It is not for nothing that you can buy sectional garage doors in the stores. Their obvious advantages far outweigh any minor disadvantages.

Advantages of sectional garage doors:

  • They open smoothly and almost silently;
  • Reliable and durable in use;
  • Provide good heat and sound insulation of your garage;
  • Perfectly fit into any, especially modern design, looks expensive and status.

Disadvantages of sectional garage doors:

  • Their main drawback is their relatively high price.

You should definitely buy a sectional garage door if…

  • Quality and convenience of daily use are most important to you;
  • Your garage is heated, and you need to minimize heat loss;
  • You value comfort and modern design.

Swing gate

Swing Gates is a real classic of the genre. The mechanism is quite simple: hinges and two doors opening outwards.

Benefits of swing garage doors:

  • Easy to manufacture and install;
  • Low cost.

Disadvantages of swing structures:

  • They require a lot of space for the full opening of the valves;
  • Over time, they can sag and require periodic lubrication of the loops;
  • Can only be installed on a flat surface.

You should definitely order swing garage doors if…

  • Low price is the most important for you;
  • The area and style of your home allow you to install swing gates.

Sliding gates

Sliding garage doors are a much less popular but still very good option for furnishing your garage. 

Benefits of sliding garage doors:

  • Reliable and durable even with active use;
  • They do not require a lot of space for a full opening in front of the garage itself;
  • Well, you need to clear the path for entry in the winter.

Drawback gates disadvantages:

  • They are not suitable for most modern compact garages, as they require a lot of space along the length of the wall to open. 

You should definitely order a garage sliding door if…

  • The dimensions of your garage allow you to compensate for the width of the canvas for opening;
  • You want to get a reliable and modern gate at an affordable price.

Let’s Sum Up

We have discussed some major types of garage gates that are widely used by people nowadays. Whatever gate you choose for your garage, the main thing is to know where to buy these garage doors of good quality and profitably. Go to our online website and choose gates, automation, and accessories for your home, garage, and site.


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