Which of Our Home Management Systems Will Best Suit Your House?

There’s no shortage of smart home technologies that can make your life easier or more efficient, but you may be unsure which is best for you. The last thing you want to do is make a poor choice and wind up spending money on something that doesn’t work or that isn’t compatible with your home’s management systems, especially garage doors and shutters. Several factors contribute to this decision, and we make sure that you choose the solution that will be ideal for your individual needs and preferences.  

If you are in the process of building, remodeling, or updating your home’s mechanical system and you’re interested in integrating any of our home automation systems, DAKO  offers a home management system that allows you to remote control your doors and shutters from anywhere. Let's discuss all features of “DAKO Smart Connect” in detail:

Garage doors and roller shutters opening and closing

Do you need to get out of the car to open the gate of your garage? We know how boring and inconvenient this task can be, especially if the gate is heavy or on a very rainy and cold day. To make your life easier, DAKO home management will come to the rescue. 

Now you don't want to keep opening it manually every time when you come back home, but with this system, it becomes easy and fast.  The system allows you to remotely control your gates and shutters from anywhere to give you a secure and comfortable feeling.  With the automatic opening feature, your garage door will always be ready for use when you want it! You can also set up a schedule for times that are convenient for you! 

Forget about burglars ever entering your property again, thanks to these convenient features!

Supports multiple devices

The most popular way to stay connected with your home is through a secure website opened on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Whether you're at work or just out on the town, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything's as it should be.  With this system, you'll never have to worry about whether someone has been inside your garage when you weren't there; all the doors are locked, and only the people in your approved list are able to open them.


The system shows real-time feedback from devices linked to the system. The developers have designed a system that provides detailed reports and statistics. 

Easy Installation

The installation process for the system is non-invasive and wireless, so no building remodeling is required. All you need to do is mount the sensors on garage doors. The entire process should take less than an hour, depending on how many doors you want to be controlled.

Remote Control

The system allows the control of garage doors and roller shutters, devices with motors Somfy version io-home-control, and many other devices from selected manufacturers.   Dako also offers a 60-channel radio remote control for IO motors that features a touch screen, a customizable interface, and scenario creation. You can choose from one of our many pre-made scenarios or create a custom scenario. All you need to do is tap on your chosen icon on the touchscreen to activate it and then adjust each parameter as desired. 

Convenient operation 

All of our remote control home management systems operate via a free app available for smartphone/tablet/computer or by remote control.  The software can be downloaded to any smartphone and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. With the software, you can access your system and adjust settings to your liking to fit your lifestyle. You can change the time that the shutters are drawn or monitor whether there has been any unauthorized activity while you are away from home. Our system allows you to securely monitor, control and manage all aspects of your property in one place - even when you are on vacation!

Let’s Sum Up

You may have a few questions about which system will work best for you. How do I get started? What are my payment options? Is there anything I need to provide myself to sign up?
Don't worry! we're here to help! We've outlined the basics above. Please feel free to contact us with any other inquiries or if you're ready to sign up! we provide a free consultation to help you decide which system best fits your needs! 

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