When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Windows?

It is difficult to find a person who has never had to deal with the replacement of windows in his life.

As a rule, such a desire arises in: 

  • the fall, before the onset of cold weather, when the issue of insulating window openings and keeping the heat in the apartment seems to be the only global problem. 
  • the spring, during the traditional preparation of windows for the summer season and the painful process of cleaning and washing.

When the decision to change windows has been made, the choice has been made, complete information about the types of double-glazed windows, technical characteristics, and manufacturers have been collected, and the shape, size, and price of new windows have already been agreed, the question inevitably arises in what season is it better to install windows?

It would seem that the solution is obvious. But there is no single answer to this question. Every season and every weather has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider when replacing windows. What to look for when deciding when to install windows.

Replacing windows in the summer season, the pros and cons

Changing windows in the summer is the first and unanimous impulse of customers. After all, the warm period, from late spring to mid-autumn, is traditionally considered the most suitable for repair work, all kinds of reconstructions, and housing upgrades.  

The benefits of the warm season for window replacement are obvious to everyone.

  • You don’t have to worry about drafts, heating systems, and lowering the temperature in the apartment.
  • Mounting foam dries faster.
  • Work on the manufacture of slopes, and the restoration of walls, after installation is still preferable to do when it's warm.

That is why the demand for windows increases during the season. An increase in demand leads to a large workload of production, the appearance of queues, and delaying deadlines. Prices are rising both for the windows themselves and for their installation, but the quality of work, at the same time, may decrease.

On the one hand, comfortable temperature conditions allow installers to perform work efficiently and without haste. On the other hand, a huge number of orders and the hard work of installers can lead to defects in the installation, which can be seen only with the onset of cold weather. And if drafts, fogging, or other problems are found, eliminating them will be much more difficult.

Besides, summer is the time for vacations. Many families have the choice of spending money and time on a trip to the sea, to the country house, on a trip, or to devote their entire vacation to window replacement and repair. A rather difficult decision, especially for those who dreamed of relaxing with their families or improving their children's health for a whole year.

What to consider and what to look for when replacing windows in winter.

The idea that windows can be replaced in winter may seem rather unexpected at first glance. But nevertheless, wintertime has its admirers and its positive aspects.

Almost all firms during this period offer all kinds of promotions and discounts for buying and installing windows. This is because firms producing and installing plastic windows are not busy in winter. It is possible to purchase and install high-quality windows during this period at a low price and in a shorter time.

Most customers are afraid that the apartment can get very cold during the winter window replacement, and the low temperature will negatively affect the heating systems and reduce the quality of work. In practice, the installation of a standard window lasts from one to one and a half hours, and the window opening remains open only for 30-50 minutes. This is too short a time for the apartment to freeze, and this will not affect the heating systems at all.

In addition, at present, some companies have already learned to deal with this seasonal problem. They install window structures in winter using a special thermal screen.

An important information to consider when replacing windows in winter is the air temperature. It is not recommended to install windows at temperatures below -15 degrees, and in this case, you need to use a unique, better-mounting foam, which retains its characteristics at sub-zero temperatures.

Another important fact. In winter, you can immediately assess how well the work on replacing windows has been done, and if you notice defects and analyze the mistakes made during installation, you can quickly fix them.

Let’s Sum Up 

If the window is old, cracked, blow through, or does not protect from cold, dust, and city noise, you should not delay the purchase of a new window structure. After all, a quality window is not a waste of money but a profitable investment in comfortable and safe living.

Because of our article, you can determine the time for replacing windows. And thanks to our managers, you can order the installation and choose the most effective window systems.

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