What should you remember when choosing a garage door?

A properly selected garage door guarantees safety in use, practicality, durability, and a beautiful appearance consistent with the house’s character. Most importantly, the garage door must be reliable and easy to use. If the garage is attached to the house’s body, it should also protect against heat loss; therefore, you should start thinking about your garage door options at the house’s design stage.

Types of garage doors.

There are several types of garage doors available on the market that differ in construction and opening. The most popular are overhead, side-hung, sectional, and roller doors. Due to some inconveniences related to up-and-over gates, like the need to arrange an appropriate amount of free space in front of the garage, lower safety level, and thermal insulation, and the growing popularity of sectional and roller doors, we will focus on the last two types in this article.

Sectional garage doors.

Sectional doors consist of hinged segments, which slide along the guides and hide in the garage under the ceiling. Manually operated doors are equipped with external and internal plastic handles, a particular lock with a one-sided cylinder insert, and locking latches. Automatically controlled gates have no external handles, and remote control or a keyboard controls them.

The advantage of this solution is that the structure is based on the panels placed in the guides. The door hovers above the threshold, and the segments move along the guides and hide under the ceiling. This means that depending on the type of guide used, the door does not reduce the passage clearance or does so only slightly. The door does not take up any additional space inside the garage or in the driveway, saving space when opened. Sectional doors are a perfect solution for when the garage is located close to the street.

Another advantage of sectional doors is their thermal insulation. The segments are made of galvanized steel profiles, and the sheathing is a steel sheet with CFC-free polyurethane foam. These materials guarantee the durability of the product and also reduce heat loss.

Sectional garage doors are also characterized by quiet and reliable operation because the bearing rollers are mounted on adjustable hinges. Their popularity means that there are many choices of patterns and colors, and you can easily choose the right door that fits your home’s style.

Roller garage doors.

Rolling gates, also known as roller shutters, are most often installed in garages where there is no room for ceiling guides that are used in sectional doors.

Their structure resembles external roller shutters where the rolling gate’s armor is rolled into an aluminum winding box, where there is a shaft with a motor. The box can be mounted both on the inside and outside of the garage. DAKO rolling shutters are made of aluminum, have armor with a thickness of 18.5 mm, and are filled with polyurethane foam.

Rolling shutters have slightly worse thermal insulation than sectional doors, but they both allow you to save space inside the garage. As the only one available on the market, rolling shutters have a built-in electric drive as standard; however, in an emergency or power failure event, they can also be opened manually using a special crank. Their disadvantage is the higher price compared to sectional doors.

Garage door for two cars.

If you plan to build a double garage, you will have to consider choosing one large garage door or two small ones. Consider several aspects, including whether the garage will be part of the house or a separate building, how often we will use it, and how much space will be available in the driveway.

If the garage is to be part of the house, one large door will have a better heat transfer coefficient than two smaller ones. On the other hand, two gates may prove to be a more beneficial solution in everyday use. When driving in and out of the garage every day, we might only open one door at a time, thus reducing heat loss. If the garage is a separate building and its thermal insulation does not matter much, choosing one larger door will be a better and cheaper solution.

A single garage door will also be a better solution when the driveway is short and narrow. The garage will be shifted in relation to the property entrance, and the length of the driveway will not allow for complicated maneuvers. A larger gate will give more freedom when entering.

What are the essential features of a decent garage door?

When choosing a garage door, keep in mind that the price should not be the primary purchasing criterion. Reliability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and good service are more important. Below we present the essential features of garage doors that are worth paying attention to.



Reliability and safety are essential criteria. It is worth paying particular attention to the equipment with elements that guarantee security, such as an overload switch, protection in the event of a cable and spring break, or the panel’s safe shape that does not allow the accidental crushing of fingers. For convenience and safety, it is also a good idea to install photocells to the garage door.

In the event of an accidental opening of the garage door (e.g., by a child playing with the remote control), it will close automatically after a preset time. The same closing mechanism (after a specific time from the photocell beam’s interruption) means that you do not have to remember to close the garage door after leaving the garage.

We must remember that a secure garage door should be serviced from time to time. For your inspection, choose professionals or a proven gate manufacturer.


Recently, the most critical decision criterion for choosing building materials is the reduction of the building’s operating costs. In the case of a garage door located in a building block, consider choosing a more expensive, well-insulated option and save on energy costs for years. A one-off greater expense will lead to significant savings in heating costs in the long run.


It is also important to consider aesthetics when choosing a garage door. It is a facade element that often emphasizes and sometimes gives the building a unique character. With our options for, garage doors, you can find a wide range of designs and colors that will allow you to match your choice to the building’s aesthetic concept.


To be sure that the door will serve for years, choose solutions offered by leading manufacturers that ensure high quality. Made of the highest quality materials and equipped with proven and stable construction elements, it is a guarantee that the door will serve for many years.


A properly selected, fast, and energy-saving drive ensures maximum ease of the gate and guarantees comfortable use in various circumstances. A wide selection of additional accessories for the door drive allows its functions to be tailored to users’ needs. It guarantees the maximum level of safety and comfort of door operation.


The installation of the garage door should be entrusted to specialists. Poorly installed doors may cause operation problems or cause heat loss, which will reduce the garage’s thermal insulation properties. It will also leave your home more vulnerable to theft.

We also invite you to create your dream composition combining various woodwork elements: windows, doors, roller shutters, and garage doors. Using our offer, choose your dream design individually to select colors, woodwork material, and decorative elements.

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