What Makes a Window Safe?

Residents of the first floor may experience discomfort associated with the possibility of intruders entering the apartment through the installed windows and want to protect themselves.

In addition, young parents need to remember that young children love to sit on the windowsill. That is, parents should also take care that the child does not open the window on his own and does not fall out of it. In these cases, it is worth protecting yourself by considering the safety of your windows. 

Effective protection windows

  1. Hang curtains or blinds. This is the simplest and most banal solution to the problem.
  2. Install stained glass or mirror glass on plastic windows. The stained-glass window not only protects the room from peeping but also decorates the window opening. The disadvantage of such glazing is the insufficient light transmission of PVC windows. Mirror glass transmits sunlight well while providing privacy during daylight hours. In the evening, when the lamps are on, the window will be visible.
  3. Installation of electrochromic glasses. Advantages: multiple operating modes, UV protection, no need for curtains.

Peeping from the street into the PVC windows of the first floor, although they do not cause pleasant sensations, this problem can be solved in an elementary way - hanging tulle, blinds, or curtains.

Protection of first-floor windows from intrusion

One of the most effective ways to protect plastic windows from burglary is to install bars or roller shutters on them. This approach is mainly used in various institutions (schools, hospitals, office buildings, etc.) and less often in private houses or apartments.

Not every buyer likes to look "at the world" through the bars, despite the reliability of window structures. According to fire safety rules, the installation of gratings “tightly” is strictly prohibited; they must be opened from the inside.

Protecting windows without bars:

  1. Install reinforced or triplex glass. Not everyone will like the first option, again, because of the specific (lattice) appearance. Triplex technology is the gluing of several glasses into one. As a result, it turns out to be very durable. It is possible to manufacture such a plastic window that will withstand not only the blow of a crowbar or an explosive wave but even a bullet.
  2. Use anti-burglary equipment. In most cases, a burglar will try to sneak into a house quietly without breaking the glass. Of course, with the help of a long crowbar, you can break anything, but special fittings will create a special difficulty for a thief. He will have to use the tools to get into the house.
  3. Signaling. For example, magnetic, which makes a loud sound when opened (opening the sash), thereby frightening an intruder. If the signal arrives at the security console, then this protection method will be the most reliable of all possible since immediately after being triggered, an equipped detachment comes at the scene.
  4. Anti-burglary system defies. Small swivel-type mechanisms are mounted on the plastic profile, which protects the window from breaking. They are made of high-strength steel, 5 mm thick. They are attached to powerful bolts, which can be removed in two cases: either by unscrewing from the inside or by destroying the frame. For reliable protection, it is recommended to install 4 mechanisms on each window and 6-8 on the door.

And in order not to worry about your own housing at all during long trips, you can equip the windows with an alarm.

Protection of plastic windows from dust

Dirt and dust from the road, first of all, get on the windows of the first floors. Because of this, it is impossible to open the sashes; even in the micro-ventilation mode, everything flies into the room.

Dust fighting methods:

  1. Install an inlet valve for ventilation. The influx of outdoor air is carried out due to the difference in pressure outside and inside the room. The thermal insulation properties of the plastic window are preserved. The valve does not replace the air conditioner, which changes the temperature in the apartment and freshens the air but is a good alternative to open windows. At a cost, installing a valve is cheaper than making a window leaf.
  2. Instead of the usual insect screen (1.2 mm), use a fine-mesh “anti-dust” grid on PVC windows, which traps dust and fluff from trees. It quickly gets dirty on window structures, so it requires weekly maintenance. Mesh price from 1500r. per sq.m
  3. Lubricate the seals with unique compounds; they can be purchased from window manufacturers.

How to get rid of street noise

A good soundproof PVC profile reduces the noise level in the house by 35 dB or more. To effectively suppress the sound wave, the double-glazed windows in plastic windows are made from asymmetric chambers, moreover, with glasses of different thicknesses.

To increase sound insulation by several decibels, an inert gas is pumped into the air chambers of a double-glazed window in a window. The quality of the seals and the quality of the installation are of great importance. It is not recommended to save on installing plastic windows; it is better to trust professionals.

Mistakes made during the installation can lead to the formation of distortions, which means gaps that reduce the tightness of the window structure.

Child safety options for windows

  • Fittings with reverse opening function

Change the usual principle of the window and provide a child safety function without using separate locks. The principle of operation is quite simple: when the handle is turned 90 ° horizontally, the sash leans back into the ventilation mode. To fully open the window, you need to turn the handle to a vertical position, using the key and making additional manipulations with the handle that a small child cannot do. Also, this function increases the life of the window, as it reduces the number of cycles of the full opening of the sash.

  • Keyed handles

The most versatile solution in terms of window appearance and ease of installation. They are easy to install instead of ordinary window handles, even for a woman. Often handles with a key have a special button in the place where the lock is installed, which helps to quickly determine the position of the lock: is it open or closed. You can block the rotation of the handle even in the ventilation position.

  • Window locks

A popular element of child safety for windows. It is convenient because it does not require constant opening to tilt the sash for ventilation. Ideal for those who often use the window in tilt mode. However, the installation of such locks will require certain installation skills. Before buying, it is important to make sure that the distance between the bottom of the sash and the window sill is sufficient to install such a lock. It is also worth paying attention that the locks cannot be opened with paper clips, nail files, and other household items of the thin section. It is better to choose locks with round keys.

  • Flag blockers

Another type of blocker is gaining popularity for its versatility, ease of installation, and operation. It is allowed to install such "flags" both at the bottom of the window and on the vertical frame from the side of the handle. And with the additional installation of blockers in the upper corners of the sash, it also provides an anti-burglary function.

  • Rope bollards

Cable locks can be installed on tilt-and-turn windows, but their main purpose is sliding windows, balconies, transoms, and sashes that work only for opening, where it is impossible to install a standard lock with a key. They can be installed in any convenient place on the side of the window handle. In the closed state, the cable can withstand a load of 170 kg. The cable can be easily disconnected with a key to fully open or move the window. It is also the best solution for balcony doors.

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