Tempered Glass Vs. Laminated

Safety glass is essential in various applications, from the windows of automobiles and shower enclosures to the storefronts of commercial businesses and the windows of private homes. Tempered and laminated glass are two of the most common varieties of safety glass. Both forms of glass have their own set of distinguishing characteristics and advantages.

In this post, we will compare tempered glass and laminated glass, explaining their similarities and differences and helping you choose which form of safety glass is most suited to your requirements by assisting you in deciding between the two.

What is Tempered Glass?

Suppose it is subjected to a quick impact or high-temperature fluctuations. In that case, tempered glass is a safety glass designed to shatter into tiny, spherical fragments rather than large shards. Because of this, it is a standard material option for uses in which safety is a primary consideration, such as in the construction of shower doors, tops for furniture, and windows made of tempered glass.

Glass is strengthened and made more resistant to breaking when heated to high temperatures and cooled off at a high rate. This process results in the production of tempered glass. Tempering the glass creates small, rounded fragments, making it a safer material if the glass breaks.


The benefits of tempered glass

  • Strength: Tempered glass is more impact- and break-resistant than plain glass since it is stronger than the latter.
  • Safety: When tempered glass breaks, it does so in small, rounded bits that are significantly less likely to cut someone than non-tempered glass's sharp, jagged fragments.
  • Commonly Accessible: Tempered glass can be easily made and is widely available, making it an affordable choice for many applications.


What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass made from two pieces of glass with a plastic layer in between. It’s designed to be stronger than other types of glass, and it is often used in locations where safety is a priority, such as car windshields.

Laminated glass also helps reduce sound transmission and block ultraviolet light, which can benefit specific applications. In addition, it’s more challenging to break than other types of glass, making it an ideal choice for areas where security is essential. Laminated glass provides numerous benefits and is an excellent option for increased safety or privacy.


The benefits of Laminated glass

  • The enhanced security and protection provided by the laminated glass make it an excellent option for high-traffic places like shops and private residences that need extra safeguards. 
  • As a bonus, it is incredibly long-lasting and resistant to damage from natural elements and regular use.
  • Laminated glass is designed with multiple layers of material that sandwich an inner layer of plastic film for enhanced strength and sound insulation. This makes it an excellent option for use in high-traffic areas where noise may be an issue.
  • In addition to the practical benefits mentioned above, laminated glass offers improved aesthetic value due to its sleek look and various colors.


The Distinctive Features of Tempered Glass vs. Laminated Glass.

  • Sound-Proofing

Laminated glass can reduce noise levels by around 10 decibels (dB). This is because the combination of glass, PVB, or any other plastic resin interlayer makes it difficult for sound waves to get through. Households living on busy streets or in crowded urban regions may find that noise pollution is greatly reduced or eliminated after installing laminated glass in their windows.

  • UV-Resistance

Layers of PVB in the laminate glass act as an effective barrier to the sun's rays. The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your home's decor by fading your carpeting, upholstered furniture, and wall paint. UV rays are dangerous to human skin and might have an uncomfortable effect on your home's temperature. In reality, 99% of UV rays can't penetrate laminate windows.

  • Design-Friendly

Tempered glass is more flexible than regular glass since there is no resin or PVB between the panes. As a result, it may be used in a wider variety of aesthetic contexts and conceptual settings. It's available in several styles to satisfy anyone's tastes. Glass heated and cooled to create a strong yet flexible material is called tempered glass. The surface can also be etched, engraved, or textured.

DAKO is the way to go if you're looking for tempered or laminated glass for your construction project. With years of experience producing high-quality materials for windows, their team works with constructors worldwide to provide customized solutions that meet their needs. Whatever your requirements, DAKO has the perfect solution for you.

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