Sliding vs. Folding Patio Doors

Patio doors are a fantastic way to open your home to the outdoors, creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. They allow natural light to flood your home, making it feel brighter and more spacious. Additionally, patio doors provide easy access to your patio or deck, perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the fresh air.

When choosing patio doors for your home, you'll likely come across two main options: sliding doors and folding doors. Both offer unique advantages and disadvantages, so it's essential to consider your needs and preferences before deciding.

This article will explore the key differences between sliding and folding patio doors, helping you decide which type is right for your home. We'll also discuss the benefits of DAKO’s DA-SkyLine series of aluminum patio doors, an excellent option for homeowners seeking a modern, functional, and energy-efficient solution.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are a popular choice for many homeowners. They consist of one or more panels that slide horizontally along a track. This design allows for a large opening, maximizing the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Advantages of sliding patio doors

  • Space-saving: Sliding doors require minimal clearance, making them a good option for homes with limited space. When open, the door panels stack neatly on one side of the opening, leaving the rest unobstructed.
  • Easy to operate: Sliding doors are effortless to open and close, even for children and older people.
  • Large opening: Sliding doors can provide a wide opening, creating a more open and airy feel to your home.
  • Versatility: Sliding doors are available in various sizes, styles, and materials to suit any taste and budget.

Disadvantages of sliding patio doors

  • Limited opening: While sliding doors offer a large opening, they don't open completely. The stacked door panels will always occupy a portion of the doorway.
  • Door sweep: Sliding doors require a track on the floor, which can be a tripping hazard for some people.
  • Weather sealing: Sliding doors may not provide the tightest seal against the elements compared to folding doors.

Folding patio doors

Folding patio doors consist of multiple panels that fold in on themselves like an accordion. When opened, the panels stack neatly to one side, creating a completely unobstructed opening.

Advantages of folding patio doors

  • Completely unobstructed opening: Folding doors open entirely, offering a panoramic view of your outdoor space and creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.
  • Ventilation: When partially open, folding doors allow for excellent ventilation throughout your home.
  • Aesthetics: Folding doors can add a unique and stylish element to your home.

Disadvantages of folding patio doors

  • Space requirements: Folding doors require more clearance than sliding doors. This may not be ideal for homes with limited space.
  • Operation: Folding doors can be slightly more complex than sliding doors, especially for more oversized doors.
  • Cost: Folding doors are typically more expensive than sliding doors.

DAKO's DA-SkyLine series: The perfect blend of modern design and functionality

DAKO's DA-SkyLine series of aluminum patio doors offer the best of both worlds, combining the space-saving benefits of sliding doors with the clean aesthetics and expansive views of folding doors.

Key features of DAKO's DA-SkyLine series:

  • Concealed frame: The DA-SkyLine series features a concealed frame design that minimizes sightlines and maximizes your view. This creates a sleek and modern look for your home.
  • Slim profiles: Despite their large size, DA-SkyLine doors boast slim profiles contributing to the overall minimalist aesthetic.
  • Thermal efficiency: DAKO's doors are designed to be thermally efficient, keeping your home comfortable year-round.
  • Large sizes: DA-SkyLine doors are available in large sizes, perfect for creating a truly open and airy feel in your home.
  • Customization options: DAKO offers a variety of customization options for their doors, including different colors, finishes, and glass types.


Choosing between sliding and folding patio doors depends on your needs and preferences. Sliding doors are a great space-saving option that's easy to operate, while folding doors offer an utterly unobstructed opening and a unique aesthetic appeal.

The article concludes that DAKO's DA-SkyLine series of aluminum patio doors is an excellent option for homeowners looking for a modern, functional, and energy-efficient solution. These doors combine the space-saving benefits of sliding doors with the clean aesthetics and expansive views of folding doors.

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