Roll Down Shutters for Hurricane Protection

Roll Down Shutters for Hurricane Protection

When it comes to hurricane preparedness, protecting your windows is essential. As strong winds blow and debris flies, windows become susceptible entry points, exposing your home to possible destruction. But don't worry; there is a reliable solution: roll-down shutters.

What are Roll-Down Shutters?

Roll-down shutters, often known as hurricane shutters or rolling shutters, are exterior window and door covers built to withstand hurricanes' destructive effects. 

Unlike standard plywood boards, roll-down shutters are permanently fixed in a discrete housing above the entrance. They can be immediately deployed when a storm comes, forming a secure barrier to protect your property.

Advantages of Roll-Down Shutters for Hurricane Protection

Here are some of the benefits of Roll-Down Shutters:

  • Superior Strength: Roll-down shutters are high-strength aluminum or galvanized steel and can withstand hurricane-force winds, flying debris, and heavy rain. They have higher impact resistance than plywood boards and provide much greater protection.

  • Ease of Use: Roll-down shutters are extremely convenient, unlike plywood, which must be manually installed and removed. They can be used with a basic crank mechanism, an electric motor, or even remotely via smartphone apps (depending on the setup). This allows for fast deployment, even as a storm approaches.
  • Enhanced Defense: In addition to hurricane protection, roll-down shutters give an extra degree of defense against burglars. Their strong build deters potential burglars and makes forced entrance much more difficult.
  • Energy Efficiency: Roll-down shutters act as an extra layer of insulation, helping to regulate interior temperatures. This can result in lower energy use and cooling/heating costs.
  • Noise Reduction: Roll-down shutters provide a solid barrier that isolates outside noise, resulting in a calmer, more tranquil living environment.
  • Light Control: Roll-down shutters provide full control over incoming light. This might be useful for bedrooms or media areas where complete darkness is sought.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Modern roll-down shutters are available in several shapes and colors, allowing them to complement the design of your home. Furthermore, the elegant housing unit conceals them while not in use.

Choosing the Best Roll-Down Shutters

With so many roll-down shutter options on the market, choosing the right one for your home requires careful study. Here's a breakdown of crucial elements to help you decide:


  • Aluminum shutters are lightweight and easy to handle, making them affordable. They provide adequate protection against moderate winds and debris but may not be the best option for places prone to major storms.
  • Galvanized steel shutters offer improved strength and impact resistance if you live in a hurricane-prone area or encounter extreme weather. They can endure high winds and flying debris, providing complete peace of mind.


  • Manual Crank Shutters: The most affordable alternative is manual crank shutters, controlled by a hand crank mechanism. While dependable and low-maintenance, they can be physically hard to deploy, particularly for larger shutters.
  • Electric Motor Shutters: Electric motors are simple to deploy with a single switch or button press. This is great for larger shutters, multi-story homes, or folks who want extra ease.
  • Remote Control Shutters: Increase convenience with remote control shutters. You may control them from the comfort of your couch or even remotely with a smartphone app. This is ideal for circumstances where easy access to the shutters may be restricted.

Impact Rating

  • Building rules in hurricane-prone areas frequently require a minimum impact rating for roll-down shutters. This rating represents the wind pressure and flying debris the shutters can withstand.
  • Understanding your local building code standards and selecting shutters with a rating that exceeds them guarantees your home receives the best possible protection during a storm.

Style and colors 

  • Roll-down shutters do not need to be an eyesore! Many manufacturers provide traditional and modern styles to complement your home's architecture.
  • Shutters also come in various colors to match your existing exterior paint scheme. This enables you to emphasize both security and aesthetics.

Why DakoWindows for Your Roll-Down Shutters?

DakoWindows is a leading provider of high-quality hurricane protection solutions, including top-of-the-line roll-down shutters. Here's why DakoWindows should be your partner in hurricane preparedness:

  • Exceptional Quality: DakoWindows offers a wide range of roll-down shutters crafted from premium materials, ensuring superior durability and performance.

  • Expert Guidance: Their experienced team can help you choose the perfect roll-down shutters for your needs and property.
  • Professional Installation: DakoWindows provides professional installation services, ensuring your shutters are mounted correctly and function optimally.
  • Peace of Mind: With DakoWindows' roll-down shutters in place, you can confidently face hurricane season, knowing your home is well-protected.
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