How to choose a patio door? Sliding or tilting?

Patio doors can add a great deal of character to a house. Firstly, they play an essential physical function to enter the terrace or backyard, but they can also become a showcase of the house.

The number of options for choosing a terrace system sometimes makes customers feel confused or overwhelmed, which does not help make an informed decision. After all, the terrace is one of the most critical places where family life occurs in the warm months or where you entertain your guests. It becomes an unavoidable fact that the solution in terrace doors must remain comfortable to use and functional for years while ensuring high aesthetic values. Contemporary patio doors are a synonym of luxury, timeless elegance, and functionality. Make a thoughtful decision while being aware of the possibilities offered by manufacturers.

What to consider when choosing patio doors?

As with other joinery elements, patio doors can be made in one of three varieties of materials: vinyl, aluminum, wood, or there is the option of combining two of these materials. However, when it comes to choosing patio doors, it is more about the selected system rather than the materials used. Nevertheless, most customers decide to buy a patio made of the same material as windows. The functionality of individual solutions varies, as do the needs of customers. The technological innovativeness of the systems is manifested, among others, by the use of advanced design solutions. This includes a low threshold ensuring trouble-free communication for people with mobility problems and an efficient service system that enables comfortable use of the door and guarantees convenient opening and closing. Patio doors also allow for the creation of extensive glazing entirely in line with the current architectural trends, allowing more natural sunlight to enter the interior.

Which types of patio doors to choose from?

What are the characteristics of modern patio doors, and what are the possibilities for investors? Currently, the most frequently chosen solution in terms of access to the terrace is sliding doors. These are available in various system functionalities, like the possibility of tilting or putting the sash away from the frame. In this post, we will present four sliding patio door systems and a traditional balcony system.

Sliding patio doors.


The most popular solution in patio doors and the most frequently chosen customers is the HST lift and slide door. What are their characteristics? The main advantage is the possibility of constructing extensive, elegant glazing, but what is important is that the operating system remains light, enabling convenient opening and closing. The door operates based on an innovative lift and slide opening system, which gently raises the sash that is moving on special rollers and making opening and closing extremely easy. Thanks to the construction of the low threshold and its leveling with the floor plane inside and on the terrace side, it makes it much easier to move between the interior and the terrace, which is essential, especially in the case of people with mobility difficulties or children.

The second type of patio sliding door is the HKS system with the movable sashes tilt function. This means that in addition to sliding horizontally, we have the option of tilting the movable sash along the upper edge, which allows for trouble-free ventilation of the rooms.

Another sliding door proposal, which would be valued by customers who are looking to air out rooms, is the PAS stand-away-sliding system. In this variant, the safe and energy-saving slot ventilation will enable you to set the sash away from the frame by a distance of 6 mm. The sash’s stable position is essential here, as it makes it possible to ventilate in all weather conditions. In the HKS and PAS systems, however, we have to consider that we cannot align their threshold with the floor.

Hinged balcony doors.

If you look back, the traditional and most often chosen solution for accessing a terrace or backyard was the swinging balcony doors. This could be due to the lack of other options in the past. A classic, double-leaf balcony door with a fixed or movable post is a window with dimensions that allow easy passage through it. This solution is now giving way to more modern sliding solutions. Of course, some customers, especially those who decide to replace the woodwork in houses or apartments, stay with the classic solution. Balcony doors will also work where the window opening is small.

In addition to standard sliding or side-hung solutions, there are also other practical solutions. This includes aluminum folding doors. The system of aluminum folding doors is a proven solution that allows obtaining full passage of light and uses an unconventional solution of folding sashes. This is a different solution, worth the attention of someone looking for unique solutions.

Which patio door material to choose from?

As we stated earlier, patio doors, just like windows, can be made of all three standard materials: vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Each material has different properties, and deciding on which one to choose will depend on the investor’s needs. If your dream patio door’s dimensions exceed wood or vinyl possibilities, aluminum would be a perfect choice! If we are looking for more functionality and decide to use plastic windows, it would also be beneficial to choose patio doors made of the same material. An exciting solution may also be a combination of the materials, like PVC or wood reinforced with aluminum, determining the final product’s durability. Regardless of what material or system the investor decides on, patio doors will undoubtedly become an essential point of the house by adding light and timeless elegance.

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