Most Popular Bathroom Styles

Are you facing the challenge of renovating or designing your bathroom? Before you get started, it's worth choosing a design style. This article is the first step towards creating the bathroom of your dreams because here you will find a lot of inspiration, which we have divided into popular design styles. 

Choose your favorite bathroom style!

1. New York-style bathroom

First, it is a style that is very popular today. What is its phenomenon? In our opinion, its secret lies in the fact that it combines modern elegance.

 In New York-style bathrooms, you can find a lot of shiny surfaces (mirror panels, silver, metal, glass). In addition to traditional lighting designed for the bathroom (most often, these are recessed or surface-mounted lamps), stylish wall lamps (for example, on either side of a vintage-style mirror), toilet bowl, washbasin, bathtub, etc., retro style is also welcome.

An important element of a New York-style bathroom is the right choice of tiles, which will help you create the desired atmosphere in the room. A black and white chessboard on the floor would be perfect, as well as marble. Ornate mosaics are also welcome. An indispensable element of the New York aesthetic is decorative trims and stucco. 

Remember to focus primarily on the quality of the item, not the quantity.

2. Bathroom Scandinavian style

If you are looking for harmony, order, and calm composition in your interior,  the Scandinavian style is for you. A bathroom designed in this way should be filled with muted and bright shades of white, beige, and gray. 

An indispensable element of the interior, sustained in this style, is wood  (preferably with knots and defects or bleached), as well as other natural materials such as linen, wool, stone, or weaving. If you are not completely convinced by the use of wood in rooms with high humidity, you can choose trendy wood-like tiles.

In a variant of this style called scandi chic, you can afford gold accents in the composition. How about accessories in this color? A worthy alternative is black, which makes the design more expressive.

Patterned floors are perfect for Scandinavian-style bathrooms. Just do not overdo it in this case; follow the rule: "If the drawing is strong, then use gentle colors."

3. Bathroom in a modern style

This direction has been reigning in interior design for several years. This is because,  in a modern style, the room's functionality is considered the highest value. Next up is aesthetics.

Therefore, when choosing plumbing, you should pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the quality. Also, remember to focus on ergonomics (you should have easy access to every element) and emphasize good lighting design.

When it comes to the visual determinants of contemporary style, you should focus mostly on muted colors such as black, gray, or white. To spice up the style, you can choose accessories in a brighter color from the main color palette (red, green, blue, or yellow).

This limited color range, combined with a passion for simple lines, helps to create a transparent and uncombined interior. Moderation in the use of jewelry will also help.

Gray or beige tiles in a patchwork style or imitating fashionable architectural concrete will be the perfect decor in a bathroom in a modern style. The second option is a rather brutal version of the ornament, but very effective. For a more expressive effect, you can highlight the uneven texture of ceramics.

4. Bathroom in an eclectic style

This style combines different, sometimes even extreme directions, and colors ... here the old is intertwined with the new, but ... it is in this madness that you can find elements that make the overall look more consistent, which makes the interior harmonious despite the apparent chaos.

The interior in this style is not the easiest thing to do because a single wrong selection can destroy the look of your bathroom. 

An interesting point is the combination of tiles of different shapes, for example, herringbone, hexagons, and traditional rectangular or square tiles. You can also add vintage-style elements, such as a clawfoot bathtub or a gold-framed mirror with modern marble accompaniment.

5. Bathroom in Spanish style

Continuing a little madness with the arrangement because before us is a Spanish-style bathroom, which is characterized by a bold combination of bright colors and patterns. Warm reds, yellows, oranges, and, of course, dark blues are welcome. Above all, the bathroom should be fun, energetic, and passionate!

Patterned tiles are the most characteristic element of bathrooms decorated in this style. If you are not convinced by a multi-colored patchwork, you can choose a  mosaic.

Equipping a bathroom in this style, one should not forget about the passion of the Spaniards for classical aesthetics. Therefore, in this case, you should opt for heavy wooden furniture, for example, in the form of a washbasin cabinet. Complement all decorations made from natural materials, such as linen curtains or wicker laundry baskets.

A freestanding bathtub is a must in a bathroom in a southern climate.

6. Hampton-style bathroom


A bathroom designed in this atmosphere should combine elements of festive ease, elegance, nautical style, and comfort at the same time. The colors of the sea are very welcome here, but not only… you can try white, gray, and all kinds of beige.

You will get an interesting effect by combining different materials, which at first glance are completely different, but in the end, everything forms a single whole. Glossy textures such as chrome, glass, or metal will add the desired elegance. 

To spice things up, you can opt for antiques or even nautical-inspired accessories such as lanterns, shells in a decorative vessel, or tiles with typical nautical patterns such as Moroccan clover or stripes.

7. Minimalist bathroom

A minimalist bathroom is ideal for those who appreciate harmony, moderation, and simplicity. There is no glamor and countless decorations in it. Everything has its place, and the addition of elements is carefully considered. 

The less is more rule applies in this style. Therefore, you should not go crazy either by the number of colors or by their saturation. The most desired colors are black and white. To break the austerity of the interior, you can choose different textures or potted plants.

Minimalism loves natural light, so if your bathroom doesn't have access to it, you need to make sure you get the right amount of lighting to bring out even that hidden beauty.

8. Parisian-style bathroom

The turn of true sophistication, elegance, and luxury has come. The trend towards furnishing bathrooms is intensifying, and so is the trend towards furnishing in the atmosphere of French apartment buildings. Don't you think that these two directions are perfectly combined with each other?

How to design a bathroom in Parisian style? Choose elements that are more characteristic of a calm interior. We are talking, for example, about a  decorative chandelier, the worthy form of which can be further emphasized by stucco. In such a bathroom, there should also be a Christmas tree, for example, in the form of ceramics. Don't be afraid to present luxurious furniture, preferably with exquisite design, as well as elements of art.


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