Keeping your house safe - choosing the perfect front door

Great front doors - the key to a safe house

"My house is my castle" is an old proverb with which we must agree. After all, for all of us, our own house is the place, where we feel the safest and where we most often rest. Unfortunately, sometimes the safety of our house could be violated. We want to avoid such situations at all costs. We want to be sure, that our family, pets, belongings, etc. are always safe. We’ve decided to provide you with this short blog article to let you know how joinery can impact the safety of your home. We are going to help you find an answer to the question "How to keep my house safe?". One of the most important steps when considering home safety is choosing and investing in high-quality front doors. This piece of joinery served as the gate to your castle. Hence, it is one of the things in your own house, to which you should pay extra attention. This guide will help you make an informed decision in terms of buying the best front doors for your home.

Entry doors are often referred to as door systems due to the fact that it’s not just the door you’re buying, the system also includes the frame and locking mechanisms. All of which directly impact the safety of your house.

The proper materials are the most important aspect of safe front doors

The first element on which you should focus is the material from which the doors are made. The three materials usually used are fiberglass, wood, and steel. It should be noted that modern doors should combine at least two of these. Steel is the most versatile and cost-effective material offering excellent weather resistance and security. It is much stronger than fiberglass and wood. Glass may seem easy to break, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary, modern doors made from glass are very secure. And fiberglass is the most commonly chosen material when it comes to this door type. It’s resistant to wearing and tearing, can be painted, or stained according to your liking, is available in a variety of textures, and does not require heavy maintenance. Steel is as durable, but not as expensive. Armored glass also costs quite a lot. In other words, the choice of material should be based on the amount of money you have at your disposal. The perfect front doors are not cheap. However, you can cut some costs depending on which of the mentioned materials you choose.

Security aspects you should focus on

As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, it seems that when it comes to security, no matter what material a modern entry door is made of, steel, wood, or fiberglass, the durability can be expected to be rather similar. The most crucial element is the locking mechanism. Look for a door with a deadbolt that is at least one inch long and which is also reinforced with a metal strike plate. This element will ensure, that it will be almost impossible to break through such doors. Many high-quality doors are also available with up to six lock pins. What does that mean in practice? It simply makes it practically impossible to break through such a lock mechanism. If you are interested in this type of lock mechanism, be sure to browse our portfolio of offered products – we’re sure you’ll find a door that will suit your needs.

Pay attention to the security hinge

One of the most important elements, which can be found on perfectly secure doors is the hinge which is used on the door. In general, the hinge itself would determine how secure the door is. Particularly within the context of experienced burglars who can easily trespass through other types of doors. It must be noted that they should be installed on the inside of the frame. The door should also have features like pins and locking screws to prevent break-ins. We would also like to mention that it’s best to avoid hinges mounted on the exterior. They have a higher risk of being broken.


In general, you should keep in mind that your front doors are the first line of defense when it comes to your house. Investing in high-quality doors will be your best bet and a decision you won’t regret for years to come. The right door will make you and your family feel safe and protected, after all your home is your castle. 


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