Interior Trends For Autumn


The long, sultry days of summer have come to an end, The leaves are changing colors, and you've already pulled out your sweaters and jackets. It can only mean one thing - autumn is here. And we all know what that means — it's time to bring on the autumn interior trends! From comforting warm hues to cozy textures, you're sure to fall in love with these amazing new designs as you prepare your home for the season ahead. 

Interior Trends For Autumn

The following are some Interior Trends For Autumn that you must try: 

Luxury Wallpaper

Let's start the review of current autumn trends, perhaps with one of the most attractive - realistic wallpapers. Today, such canvases for decorating the surface of walls can be completely unique, which will help to visually enlarge the space of a small room, create a flair of romance, or serve as a spectacular backdrop due to an unusual texture.

Moody indigo

The shade of blue, which attracts increased attention, does not lose its leading position, especially when it comes to interior design. We only recall that the indigo color is quite saturated and active. Therefore, it should not be used too abundantly. You can highlight any of the functional areas, or balance the color with muted natural shades, such as wood, gray, beige, and cream.

Designer light

Chandeliers and pendants of a fancy, or vice versa, laconic form, are especially popular. They can transform absolutely any interior.

Modern pendant lights are best installed in the amount of two or three at the same time to illuminate a particular area. At the same time, there should be no competitors for the chandelier, and it is recommended to choose neutral lighting devices.

Different types of metals

This autumn brings surprises with bold trends in the world of design and decoration. So, modern housing may look different, but it should not be insipid. For example, in the design of rooms, it is no longer necessary to select objects that are ideally combined with each other in terms of material or color. The present dictates its own rules, and now different types of metals are combined in the interior; for example, copper, brass, and steel, in combination, create a special charm, volume, and peculiar character of the room.

Kingdom of white

White color is fundamental for most interiors today because it is versatile, clean, and able to be combined with any shade or material. So, we recommend combining different shades of white this fall with objects made of various metals because such a tandem looks quite noble and stylish.

Live Geometry

Broken lines and hypnotic patterns have driven thousands of fans and admirers of bright and extraordinary design crazy. This season is no exception, and geometric prints have strengthened their position among fashion trends. With the help of rhombuses and triangles woven into an intricate pattern, it is worth decorating walls or furniture, but if you are not ready for such bold experiments, try diversifying the room with patterned textiles.

Carpets with rich ornamentation

A couple of decades ago, contemplating the patterns of carpets that adorn the walls in most homes, we were surprised at how long one trend can exist, passing from generation to generation. Over time, ornamental woolen carpets were replaced by practical laminate or plain carpets, but, as you know, fashion tends to repeat itself.

Today, the well-known Persian carpets, which look good in the living area, are becoming a new trend for all of us. This carpet combined with a minimalist setting, is now breaking all records and is becoming a fashionable autumn trend even in the most modern housing.

Mixing textures

The next trend is a combination of several textures at once in one interior. Here, smooth silky fabrics need to be combined with matte velvety ones and warm wood with cool metal. As a result, the space looks lively and interesting, constantly surprising the eye with new, unexpected combinations.


Retro accents

Do not rush to get rid of old pieces of furniture, especially if they are made of natural wood and have retro-style features. Eclecticism in the interior is highly valued today, so you can call sovereignty an unusual object from a past era - a fashionable modern trend.


Probably the most eccentric and striking trend this fall was the trend of introducing patterns of various minerals into the interior. Cuts of semi-precious and precious stones have become a leitmotif in the design of not only bathrooms but also living rooms. 


We wish you warm, unforgettable autumn and bold incarnations of your dream interior!

If you have more interesting ideas, feel free to share them with us. We would love to hear from you. 

For more information, visit Dako Windows.

Thanks for reading!

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