How to Tell if Glass is Tempered?

These days, tempered glass is in high demand because it lends a touch of sophistication and refinement to any space in which it is installed. It's common practice for homeowners to apply it to the windows of their homes, while others like putting it in their bathrooms or showers. However, you need to purchase the authentic version of the tempered glass regardless of where you intend to put it. How can one determine whether or not a piece of glass has been tempered?

There are several techniques to determine this, one of which is by touching the glass and seeing how it responds to being tapped. Examining the surface of the glass to determine how it has been handled is the most frequently employed approach. For instance, the surface of non-tempered glasses has a glossy appearance, but the surface of tempered glasses is matte and has a roughness similar to that of sandpaper.


Properties of Tempered Glass

The tempered glass tables are quite sturdy. Glass that has been heated in sophisticated tempering equipment and cooled under tremendous pressure is five times as strong as regular glass. Safety is increased because tempered glass shatters into tiny fragments rather than large ones.

Ordinary glass shatters into jagged pieces. If you have recently installed tempered glass windows and one break, you can determine immediately whether or not you purchased tempered glass.

Because of its hazy appearance and increased transparency, tempered glass is ideal for safety and security applications. That's why you'll find it in walls, windows, shower panels, and even doors around the house. It's see-through yet still gives you some personal space.

Tempered glass may last a long, but it can easily be scratched. Even yet, they are not entirely immune to cuts and scrapes. Thus, a few scrapes remain visible.


Ways to Check the Tempered Glass

Here are some methods to Check if the Glass is Tempered or Not:


1. Verify the glass's edge.

Examine the edges of any glass sheets you are handling, such as the glass top of a side table. It may be tempered glass if the edges are rounded and smooth and there are no sharp edges that might cut paper or your flesh.

On the other hand, it is not tempered glass if the edges appear too sharp or chipped in certain spots, as may be the case with a pane of glass that covers a photograph in a frame. Check the glass's edges to see whether they seem smooth by running your fingertips down them. It is not tempered glass if the glass has flaws or rough spots.

Items like drinking glasses may have rounded edges for safety, but they are not made of tempered glass. Since producing tempered glass is more costly, it is not used to make standard home glassware at reasonable prices.

Temporary glass is used only when shattered glass poses a significant threat to people or property. Tempered glass is commonly used for shower doors, automobile windows, and sliding patio doors.


2. Wear Your Shades

Wearing polarised sunglasses, which block most UV light, will improve your view of the glass on bright days. To make a more informed decision, you may want to look at another piece of glass or even a clear glass of water.

Using polarised glasses, flaws in tempered glass, such as darker lines or spots, become strikingly apparent. The machinery used to temper the metal leaves these scars, which are black and noticeable. These dull regions are absent in untempered glass.


3. Testing with a glass cutter

A glass cutter is a quick and easy way to determine whether or not a pane of glass is tempered before attempting to cut it down to size. A straightedge can be used to make a score line on the glass. A clean score line will appear on the non-tempered glass.

If you cut tempered glass, you will see small shards of glass, similar to shavings. Tempered glass can't be trimmed this way; instead, it's consistently sized up before the tempering process and following the annealing process. Standard annealed glass panes can be scored, cut, or snapped along the score.


4. Heat-strengthened vs. tempered

The strength of heat-strengthened glass is comparable to that of tempered glass, but it could be more robust. An edge label or marking can tell you if a pane of glass has been tempered or heat toughened. A brand or marking that says "tempered" or "safety glass" is usually seen on tempered glass.


Only Trust DAKO for tempered glass

DAKO is an established business that manufactures high-quality tempered glass products. If you need tempered glass for your home or business, make sure you get it from a reputable company with a history of making high-quality glass.

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