How To Replace a Window?

Over time, any structures become unusable, and Windows need to be replaced. Replacing windows is often a significant energy savings, as we get rid of the air leaks that come with old windows. It's also a very good move if you want to easily increase the value of your home. But what does window replacement look like?

When do you need to replace old windows?

Determining if windows need to be replaced is fairly easy. We list the following signs that indicate such a need.

  • The first indicator is the state of the window structure. By this time, the frames are lopsided, the sashes do not fit tightly, and cold air enters the rooms through the gaps formed.

Familiar situation? In this case, it is necessary to replace the old window as soon as possible. Indeed, in addition to the fact that it is quite cold in the room, noise is constantly heard from the street, and street dust gets in. And all these factors cannot be called favorable for human comfort and health.

  • The next indicator of when it is worth replacing wood with plastic is the aesthetics and care of the frames. Even modern wooden structures need constant care. They regularly need to be painted and treated with anti-mold products. PVC analogs will look new even after 20 years of operation, while they do not require special care.

There are several situations in which it is not possible to change frames. For example, windows are in a house that is a historically valuable building or a museum building. In this case, the only way out will be periodic restoration.

Everyone chooses whether to change the old wooden structures and what - PVC or wood. Modern products made of metal-plastic are environmentally friendly, airtight, inexpensive, and have high sound insulation. Fans of wooden structures may well choose modern double-glazed windows made of wood, but in this case, you should be prepared for considerable costs

A variety of plastic structures for Windows 

From the variety of products on the market, the consumer needs to choose the right one for him/her. Varieties of Windows in a wooden house may vary by type of construction: 

  1. Single; 

  2. Paired; 

  3. Separate. 

Depending on the width of the opening, the type of window construction is selected. The larger the window, the greater the heat loss will be observed in the room. This means that you will have to additional e insulate the building and increase heating costs. 

In addition, plastic frames may differ in the number of glasses inserted into them. The smaller the amount used, the colder it will be. 

The shape of the window often depends on the architectural design of the building and the design solution. The shape of the double-glazed window can be: trapezoidal, standard, round, narrow, or arched. 

To make the right choice among the variety of products presented, you need to seek help from Professional Consultants.

Advantages of PVC structure over wooden Windows 

The advantages of plastic double-glazed Windows include the following: 

  1. First, many companies provide a comprehensive solution. You don't have to do anything yourself. A representative of a Trade Organisation will come to your home and take accurate measurements, according to which they will make a structure for you. After a short. of time, the product will be delivered home, where the craftsman will dismantle the old Windows and install a new one. It will be possible to use the installed frame after they are; 

  2. Secondly, plastic structures are relatively inexpensive; 

  3. Thirdly, the noise level is significantly reduced; 

  4. Fourthly, the density of joints in plastic windows allows you to get high thermal insulation; 

  5. Another plus of PVC construction is its functionality. You can easily fix the window sash in a horizontal or vertical position 

Work Technology 

Initially, replacing wooden Windows with plastic ones involves choosing the manufacturer. But before you make a choice, you need to know some nuances: 

  • Plastic frame design can be of different colors, which allows you to choose the shade you need. Please note that the white frame will be cheaper; 

  • The cost depends on the country of the manufacturer. However, it is difficult to find really important goods; most often, products are sold under license; 

  • A double-glazed window can consist of different numbers of chambers. The more of them, the more expensive the design; 

  • The price is also affected by fittings and the thickness of the double-glazed window; 

  • Making a window will cost more if its shape is non-standard 

Most often, mastering services are provided free of charge. If you need to replace double-glazed Windows in the amount of several units, then most likely, the seller will offer you a discount. You can save money by installing everything yourself

Dismantling the old window 

The first step in the process of installing a plastic double-glazed window is preparatory work. First of all, you need to dismantle the old window frame. To do this, you need to pull a frame structure out of the loot. The next step is the dismantling of the new window sill. You need to know that window sales are different: Concrete- then they are smashed with the hammer and cut off with a grinder; metal, plastic, and wood using a chisel and perforator are taken out entirely. This is followed by the removal of ebbs. If the slopes are made of plastic or drywall, they must be removed. Then the remnants of the insulation are removed and protected from dirt and dust. 

Look at your window opening. You may need to restore it using a concrete screed. If the edges are uneven, apply putty, e they need to be leveled.

Measurements must be taken correctly 

Place note that when taking measurements, you need to consider the size of the opening, its shape, and the type of building of the house. 

Most often, measurements are taken by professionals; this is especially true if your Windows has curly elements, an unknown standard look, or an arch shape. 

Measuring the simple rectangular window is easy. However, if it is a non-standard shape, then problems may arise, which is why manufacturers offer the service of the measurer for free.

Installing a new window 

When the measurements have been taken, the products have been measured and delivered to the site, and the window opening has been prepared, it is necessary to proceed directly to the installation of the plastic window. To do this, you will have to stock up on the necessary tools: 

  • Roulette; 

  • Drill; 

  • A hammer 

  • Perforator; 

  • Level; 

  • Screwdriver; 

  • Anchor bolts; 

  • Pliers; 

  • Self-tapping screws; 

  • Mountain foam 

  • Adhesive or sealant 

Installation of the new double-glazed window is carried out in several stages: 

  1. Footboard laying. At the bottom of the window opening in the middle and along the edges of the frame, it is necessary to put bars, which can be made of wood or plastic. 

  2. Installing and fixing the frame. Pegs are drivers in between the wall and the window, most often close up to the top of the frame. Applying the level, check the window's location in the horizontal plane. Using a plumb line, align it vertically. 

  3. Fastening structures. First of all, the lower part is fixed using anchors. After checking that everything is level, fix up and sides. 

  4. Hanging sashes. Having hung the sashes, you need to check the window's location vertically and horizontally. Next, you need to foam the structure. Do not forget that the foam, being in the open air, can very quickly lose its properties, so you should cover it with a top player, which can be made of drywall, plastic, or plaster. 

  5. Windows sill installation. Trimming the window sill from each edge is necessary so that it fits snugly under the frame. The gap under the window sill is foamed or sealed with cement mortar. 

  6. Slopes. To create a slope, the following materials are used: Plaster, drywall, and plastic panel. The sheet material can be cut, leveled on the surface, and fixed with foam. The edges are closed with the corner, a process with the profile. If the Plaster option is chosen, it is necessary to cover the surface in several layers; each must dry completely. The surface is sanded and painted. 

After completing all the steps, you will get a design that will serve you for a long time, working without failure or repairs.

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