How To Prepare The House For Winter To Save On Heating?

We’re already in October, and winter is just around the corner. If you want to save money on heating this winter, you should take the necessary steps before the fall temperatures cool off completely. One of the best ways to do that is by preparing your house for winter before the leaves have even fallen from the trees and the snow has yet to accumulate on the ground

But saving on your heating bill this winter doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort, and it doesn’t have to mean suffering through cold rooms or a drafty house. However, proper preparation for the heating season takes time, effort, and investment. But it will all pay off when you see reduced bills. 


Here are some great suggestions on how to get your house ready for cold weather—and save money at the same time.


Prepare The House For Winter To Save On Heating


Prepare the windows

If possible, install energy-efficient windows in your home. They must be double-glazed, five-chamber profile, and energy-efficient i-glass. It reflects the infrared spectrum on the principle of a mirror, preventing it from flying out. That is, the heat from the heaters does not seep through the windows to the street. You can stick an energy-efficient film on top of existing windows that perform the same function.

Check the rubber seals: if they leak air, replace them. Reconstruct wooden windows, seal all cracks with mounting foam, sealant, insulated with mineral wool. Fix with special tape.

Also, read our article “5 Ways To Get Your Wood Windows Ready For Winter.” 


Window replacement

Poorly insulated windows are the main cause of heat loss at home. No matter how hard the house heating system works, if there are gaps in the frames, the heat will go outside. Therefore, the main task in this situation is to replace old windows with modern energy-saving structures.

How long does it take, on average, to replace windows? If this work is carried out by a company that has all the necessary equipment, then you will become the owner of new structures in about a week. For experienced installers, the dismantling and installation of one new window take about 2 hours (accordingly, a team of professionals can replace window structures in a small house in just one day).


Fight drafts

Windows are not the only source of drafts. Wind can enter through poorly insulated doors. Pay attention to the roof and attic: they can also be guilty. If you have plasterboard ceilings, check the spotlight cutouts. Cold air can enter through them. 


Roof repair

The next step in preparing housing for winter is repair and insulation of the roof. In accordance with the laws of physics, warm air always rushes up, and if the coating is damaged, it will simply leave the room.

How can you repair the roof inexpensively and as soon as possible? First, you need to think about its insulation. The best option for these purposes is the use of mineral plates, which are inserted between the rafters in such a way that there are no “cold bridges.” From the outside, the insulation is protected with a windproof material, and from the inside - with a vapor barrier film. Inside, the slopes should be sheathed with clapboard or drywall. In a few days, you can get not only a high-quality insulated attic but also a room that is quite suitable for relaxing or even living.

In addition, it is necessary to carefully check the entire surface of the roof. If there are any damages on it, they are eliminated with the help of sealants or these areas are re-restored.


Refurbish your wooden porch

In a wooden house, take care of the steps of the porch. They often contain cracks that need to be repaired before the onset of cold weather. Otherwise, after the winter, they can become much larger: they collapse under the influence of ice and temperature changes.


Facade insulation

If the walls of the house are made of brick, then it is advisable to use a multi-layer plaster system for their insulation (but remember that you can only work with wet plasters at an air temperature exceeding + 5C). If the repair takes place in late autumn, then you will have to use expensive thermal curtains. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to siding - a material that allows for all-weather insulation of the walls of the house.

When using it, the old finish is first dismantled, after which the crate is installed, and a heater is attached to the wall (for example, mineral wool slabs). Then the insulation must be covered with a windproof film, after which the installation of siding panels can begin. 

Remember that siding itself belongs to the category of finishing, not insulating materials. The advantages of siding include easy and quick installation, low cost, and all-season.

Those who need a simpler and more economical option can use sandwich panels, which already have waterproofing and a layer of insulation. 


Install snow guards and a roof de-icing system

Do you live in a snowy region where the house is constantly covered with snow in winter? Consider a roof de-icing system. So you save the roof from additional loads. The snow will melt immediately and won't ruin your roof. Don't forget about snow guards to avoid having a snow cap on your head if he slides down.


A Pro Tip - Buy a Generator

Let’s conclude the article with a pro tip!

Almost any equipment for heating a private house depends on electricity. Yes, it can run on solid fuel or gas. But it is still powered by electricity. And if the light is turned off - do not freeze the whole house. Get an uninterruptible power supply that will save you in case of force majeure.

For example, a diesel generator will pull not only your boiler but also some household appliances. However, before buying, you need to ask consultants if a particular diesel engine is compatible with gas or solid-fuel boiler.

If you liked the article, share it with your friends and family. Contact us if you need any kind of information; we would love to assist you. 

Thanks for reading!

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