How to Paint Fiber Glass Door?

Homeowners often choose doors made of fiberglass due to the material's longevity and low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, the door’s color could lose its vibrancy or become outdated with time, in which case you might wish to give it a new coat of paint. 

Painting a fiberglass door is not difficult, but it needs enough preparation and careful attention to achieve a smooth and even finish. This piece will walk you through painting a fiberglass door methodically and step-by-step.


Step 1: Choose the Appropriate Paint

You must select the appropriate kind of paint before beginning the painting process. Dako, the industry's most reputable window and door maker suggests painting fiberglass doors with acrylic latex paint for best results. The door can be painted using acrylic latex paint, which is long-lasting, water-resistant, and adheres very well to the door’s surface. Also, it is simple to clean and take care of.


Step 2: Get the Door Ready

The next step is to get the door ready to be painted by preparing it. To get started, clean the door using gentle detergent and water. After cleaning the door well, allow it to air dry thoroughly. After that, remove any hardware attached to the door, such as hinges, doorknobs, or locks, and wrap the surrounding areas with masking tape so the paint won't get on them.


Use a fiberglass repair kit to patch the door if it has cracks, chips, or dents. To ensure that the repair is done correctly, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully.


Step 3: Sand the Door

It would be best to give the door mild sanding before applying paint to guarantee that it will cling effectively to the door’s surface. Sand the whole surface of the door in a circular motion using sandpaper with a fine grain (220 grit), which should be used.


Sand any rough sections or places where the previous paint is flaking off before you begin painting. When you are through sanding the door, use a tack cloth to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated.


Step 4: Use a Primer

Applying a primer to the door’s surface will improve the paint's ability to cling to the door's surface and give a smoother finish. Be sure to prime the fiberglass surface using a high-quality primer developed with that material in mind.


Apply the primer using either a paintbrush or a roller in thick applications. Be sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer regarding the amount of time needed to dry between applications.


Step 5: Paint the Front Door

When the door primer has completely dried, it is time to paint it. Use a good grade of acrylic latex, and apply the paint in thin, even coats by rolling or brushing it on.


Be sure to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer regarding the amount of time needed to dry between applications. You may need to apply two or even three coats of paint to get a consistent finish. This will depend on the paint’s color and the door’s color.


6th Step: Let the Paint Dry

When the last layer of paint has been put on the door, please wait to completely dry before closing it. It is best to wait until the paint has completely dried before touching the door or shutting it since doing any of these things might cause the paint to smear or peel.


Step 7: Reassemble the Hardware

When the paint has had sufficient time to dry, reconnect the door's hardware. Be sure to reconnect the hardware to the instructions provided by the manufacturer and exercise extreme caution to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the freshly painted surface of the door.


Some Extra Tips for painting a fiberglass door:

  • Avoid painting in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can affect the quality of the finish.
  • Use paint with a gloss or semi-gloss finish enhancing the door’s appearance.
  • Consider using paint with UV protection to prevent the color from fading over time.
  • When painting the edges of the door, use a narrow brush to avoid getting paint on the weatherstripping.
  • If you're painting a textured or embossed fiberglass door, use a paint sprayer to ensure even coverage in the crevices.


Dako, a reputable producer of windows and doors, advises putting acrylic latex paint on fiberglass doors. When painting a door made of fiberglass, it is essential to work with high-quality materials to achieve an even and smooth surface. You can modify the appearance of your fiberglass door and increase the appeal of your home's outside by carefully adhering to the instructions in this tutorial and applying the appropriate paint.

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